Service areas

Not all local businesses serve their customers from a brick-and-mortar storefront. For example, some businesses operate from a home address. Others are mobile and have no central location.

If a local business serves customers at their locations, it can list its service area - the area it's willing to serve - on Google. Users searching Google and Google Maps will then be able to find businesses that serve them.

How do I add a service area to a new or current business listing?

To set a service area for your listing, sign in to your account and edit the listing of your choice. (Unsure how to edit a listing? Learn how to edit a listing here.) Or, create a new listing. Learn how to create a new listing.

On the Edit Business Listing page, you'll notice a section with the header Service Areas and Location Settings. By default, the radio button 'No, all customers come to the business location' is selected. To set a service area, choose the radio button 'Yes, this business serves customers at their locations in a specific area.'

What are my options when defining a service area?

You can choose to designate a service area by distance or by location.

Distance from one location: This option is best for users who are willing to travel a certain distance from a central location, e.g. 15 miles from Sewickley, PA.

List of areas served: This option is best for users who serve certain cities, zip codes or counties, e.g. 90066, Edgewood, PA, or Cumberland County, ME. You can choose multiple locations to create your overall service area. Note that your service area will include all the regions you add, as well as points in between if those regions don't intersect.

Don't receive customers at your location? Serve customers at their location? Select the "Do not show my business address on my Maps listing" option within your dashboard — if you don't hide your address, your listing may be removed from Google Maps.

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Service Areas for Maps Users

What does a business listing with service areas look like?

A business listing with designated service areas may or may not have a physical address associated with it. This allows businesses who'd rather not share their address (e.g. home-based businesses) or businesses who come to your location (e.g. plumbers) the opportunity to show on Google.

Service Area Listings With An Address

Listings with a designated service area and a physical address appear the same on Google search results as results without a service area. By default, service areas are hidden. On the map itself, the listing appears as a red pin. If you've chosen 'Show service area,' the service area will appear as a see-through red shape.

Service Area Listings Without An Address

Listings with a designated service area and no address appear on Google search results with a red circle and the city the business is located in. Once you click on the listing title, the information window that appears allows you to toggle service areas on and off by clicking 'Show/hide service area'. On the map, the listing appears as a red floating circle. If you've chosen 'Show service area,' the service area will appear as a see-through red shape.

Service Areas for Business Owners

Who is eligible to add service areas to their listing?

A business owner may add service areas to a new or existing listing if his business model requires him or an authorized representative of his business to travel to his customer's location. Some examples include: a restaurant that offers delivery to your door, a dog-walking business that picks up your pet from your home, or an in-home maid service.

Currently, service areas can only be modified via your online account and not via bulk uploads.

Please note: all listings -- including listings with service areas -- require a valid physical address. (Unsure what that means for your business? Try submitting the same address you'd give to a customer remitting payment.) Once you've set up service areas for your listing, you can choose to make your address private.