Listing is marked as 'Pending'

A listing marked as Pending Listing is Pending notification must go through further review by our team before it can be shown on Google. There is no action necessary on your part.

Why is my listing being reviewed?

Your listing contains a term or other behavior that we monitor, so it has been automatically earmarked by our system for further review. This is a temporary state and is expected behavior for terms that require manual judgment.

If you're awaiting verification for your bulk upload, your listings will also show as Pending Listing is Pending notification until they undergo review and are verified. Please note that listings may continue to show as Pending Listing is Pending notification for up to two weeks after you have received verification.

What happens when my listing is pending additional review?
Listings marked as Pending are placed in a queue to be manually reviewed by a member of our team. While the listing is marked as Pending, it will not show on Google. This is to ensure that only high-quality content shows to our end users.

Once your listing is reviewed, its status will move from Pending to either Active (i.e. showing on Google) or Needs Action Listing is Needs Action notification (i.e. not showing on Google). At this time, we do not proactively contact users once their flagged listings have been reviewed. Please check your Google Places account for the current status for your listing.

What do you monitor?
We monitor a variety of terms and formatting which may or may not be appropriate depending on their context. Because of their ambiguity, they require a manual review.

When can my listing be flagged?
Your listing may be flagged for further review any time it is edited (i.e. not just when it is first created).

How long will it take for my listing to be reviewed?
It generally takes 4 weeks for a listing to be reviewed.