Remove a listing or mark a place as closed or moved

If you no longer wish to update a listing from your Places account, you can remove it. If the business has moved or closed, you can report it as such. Finally, if a listing never existed at a given location, you can report it for removal.

Remove a listing from your Google Places account

If you associated a listing with your account by mistake, or no longer wish to update a given listing, you can remove it from your account by following these steps:

  1. Under the Actions column for the listing you wish to remove, click Delete.
  2. Select Remove this listing from my Google Places Account.

This listing may continue to display on Google, but it will no longer be associated with your account. Even if you have verified a location and removed it from your account, we will continue to display the business on Google Maps if we believe it's still open.

Marking a listing as closed or moved

If a business no longer exists at a location, you can mark it as closed or moved on Google Maps. Follow these steps to have the listing moderated:

  1. Find the closed or moved business on Google Maps.
  2. Use the Report a problem link from the Google Maps result.
  3. Select Place is permanently closed option.
  4. If the place has moved to a new location, give us the new location’s information in the comment box.

Remove an inaccurate listing from Google Maps

In some cases, you may find your business represented inaccurately or at a location where it never existed. The best way to remove these listings is to click the Report a problem link from the Google Maps results which contain the listing. Then, select the options to report the place as Place does not exist or is private.