Using the dashboard in your Google Places account

If you've added more than one local business listing to Google Places, you'll be taken to Google Places list of locations. For one listing, you'll be taken directly to the statistics dashboard. On the locations list, you'll find a list of all the business listings you've added. Next to each listing, you'll find extra information about the way your listing is being viewed on Google. There are four columns: Business, Status, Impressions, and Actions. The list of businesses and statuses may be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the header. The arrow () will indicate a sorted column.


Here are some terms you will see in the Status column, and what they mean for your listing. For more information, check out the list of common terms.

Status What it means
Active This means that your listing is publicly available by searching Google. If you're unable to find your business right away, try performing a search for [ business name in zip code ] on or click the See your listing on Google link to view your Place Page.
Needs Action This means that the single listing you've submitted needs additional work before being published. Text will appear after the alert symbol (Listing needs action) with additional steps to publish your listing. For example, you may need to complete your listing, verify ownership, enter your PIN, or edit the details of your listing to conform to our policies.
Pending If your listing is Pending, no additional action on your part is necessary. Text will appear after the alert symbol (Listing is pending) with additional information about its status. Learn more if your listing is being reviewed. Note that verified bulk uploads will have this message until they appear on our site a couple weeks after verification.

If your listing is suspended, it means that you have chosen to prevent the data from the listing in your dashboard from showing up on Google Maps. Note that the listing may continue to display on Maps if we have data for it from other sources. Click Resume display on Google to connect the listing to Google Maps again or Delete to remove it from your account permanently.




 Impressions: The number of times that your business listing has appeared in search results.

 Actions: The number of users who have clicked through your business listing after viewing it as a search result.

Clicking on the numbers in the either the Impressions or Actions column will take you to your statistics. Please remember that statistics aren't real time. They're compiled for the past 30 days and are provided at a 24 hour delay. This means that we can't guarantee their accuracy.