User guide

Getting started with a local business listing on Google Places

Why verify your business with Google Places?

Once you've verified the local listing for your business, you can enhance it by adding photos, videos, coupons, and even real-time updates like weekly specials. Verifying the listing gives you the opportunity to share even more information about your business with Google.

How it works

Google uses data from many sources to compose local business listings. Each listing includes information from one or more sources, such as third-party providers, user edits, and verified business owner records. To make sure the basic information you submit is accurate, we'll ask you to verify it first by entering a PIN that will be sent to either your business address or phone number.

You can add other information to the local listing too—such as a description of your business, photos, reviews, or information about hours.

Before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Right now, Google Places is available for businesses in only certain countries.
    To find out if your country is one of them, click Add new listing when signed in to your Google Places account. Check the country drop down at the top of the sign-up page. Or, just see the list below. Country availability
    Andorra Ethiopia Latvia Saudi Arabia
    United Arab Emirates Finland Morocco Solomon Islands
    Afghanistan Fiji Madagascar Seychelles
    Angola France Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Sweden
    Argentina Gabon Mongolia Singapore
    American Samoa United Kingdom Macao Slovenia
    Austria Ghana Northern Mariana Islands Slovakia
    Australia Gambia Malta Sierra Leone
    Bangladesh Greece Mauritius Senegal
    Belgium Guam Maldives Sao Tome and Principe
    Bulgaria Hong Kong Malawi Chad
    Bahrain Croatia Mexico Togo
    Burundi Hungary Malaysia Thailand
    Benin Indonesia Mozambique Tajikistan
    Brunei Darussalam Ireland Namibia Turkmenistan
    Brazil Israel New Caledonia Tunisia
    Bhutan India Nigeria Tonga
    Botswana Iraq Netherlands Turkey
    Canada Iceland Norway Taiwan
    Democratic Republic of the Congo Italy Nepal Tanzania, United Republic of
    Central African Republic Jordan New Zealand Ukraine
    Congo Japan Oman Uganda
    Switzerland Kenya French Polynesia United States
    Côte d'Ivoire Kyrgyzstan Papua New Guinea Uzbekistan
    Chile Cambodia Philippines Viet Nam
    China Republic of Korea Pakistan Vanuatu
    Czech Republic Kuwait Poland Samoa
    Germany Kazakhstan Portugal Yemen
    Djibouti Lao People's Democratic Republic Palau South Africa
    Denmark Lebanon Qatar Zambia
    Algeria Liechtenstein Romania Zimbabwe
    Estonia Sri Lanka Serbia  
    Egypt Lithuania Russian Federation  
    Spain Luxembourg Rwanda  
  • It's free.
    Adding your local business listing to Google Places is free, and Google doesn't accept payment to include particular listings or sites in our search results. However, we do offer locally-targeted advertising through our AdWords program.
  • Every business listing must have a mailing address.
    This is the physical address where mail can be sent to your business. If you work from home or you are a mobile-only business you can specify service areas and choose to hide your physical address later on!
  • Check out our quality guidelines.
    In order for your business location to be approved to appear on Google, it should follow our quality guidelines. Be sure to familiarize yourself with them. 

When creating the local listing for your business, make sure that your internet browser is Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to ensure that it publishes properly. 

To start creating a free local business listing for your business, go to the Google Places and sign in with your Google account. If you don't already have a Google account, click Sign up now to create a new Google account. You can also use an AdWords login and password, if you have one.

It's a good idea to create an Google Places account using an email address that you don't mind sharing with others or passing along, in case you wish to transfer ownership of the listings.