About Tags retirement

What happened with Tags?

Tags was retired at the end of April 2011. We automatically removed any active tags for advertisers and encouraged businesses to continue using the free features of Google Places or try other Google advertising products.

We learned a lot from the Tags trial and shifted our efforts toward other present and future advertising options for local businesses.

There are many great options for small businesses to reach more customers online, including a free Google Places for Business listing, AdWords Express, and AdWords location extensions. We encourage you to explore options that work best for your business.

The last issued bill covered spending for Tags through the end of March 2011. We provided Google Tags free for the month of April 2011 to all existing Tags advertisers.

I would like to reference the billing history for my company records. How can I access it?

The Tags billing history was available in your account through July 2011. If you would like access to your records, please contact us.