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how do i join my school wifi which requires a username and password but i have entered both my username and password dosent work if it helps it uses LEAP Apps like Netflix draining the battery by playing on background when my pixel slate is locked I like to watch some movie before sleeping, but I am quite pissed on how my pixel slate deals with a… cannot move apps icons down to another page I'm using a Pixel slate in tablet mode and have 3 pages of apps. In the past I've been able to move …
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Pixel Slate powers off after wake from sleep (troubleshooting). I know this subject has been posted before (see locked threads by Bryan Ward and Jim Raeburn. Bryan … How do you get website to see Pixel Slate as a computer and not a mobile device? I have a state website that will not let me do anything on it beyond viewing because it keeps saying…
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Box of icons on the lower right on my screen and I want to remove it. See photo Box of icons on the lower right of my screen I want to remove. See photo
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Pixel Slate not linking with my Pixel 3xl Everything. What is most troubling is that tethering is impossible without linkage. Does anyone have…
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can't save screenshot on pixel slate Trying to save and copy screenshot on Pixel Slate, but keep getting an error message: "failed to sav… How to make "Keep WiFi on during sleep" work I have checked the setting (ON) and have toggled it off and ON again, and have rebooted. WiFi still … Hi Does the Goggle Slate tablet have Live Captions (not transcribe)on the device? Im considering agoogle slate tablet for my son (hard of hearing) who uses live captions on his pixel…
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slate remote desktop I'm trying to use a pixel slate to access a Windows 10 computer using Google remote desktop. It conn…
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in laptop mode the home screen is empty In tablet mode all the apps are on the Home Screen. When keyboard is attached there are none.
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