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Pixel Pen Assistant function broken For some time now, I think months, the pixel pen assistant does not yield any results. It only retur…
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What can i do if i forgotten my old pasword in my instagram account ? I have tried to ask Instagram to send back for me my old password but they failed
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How do I make it to see google voice reade's out anything that you search Trying to have google voice read everything that I search how to turn off the annoying sound when you press voice search.."bloink" then "Kerplink"😳 Tryed everything..I can turn off all media sound but I want media sound on in general just not the a…
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Cancel (not permanently disabled) Google Assistant in the middle of speaking a result back to me. I regularly talk to Google Assistant seeking search results. More times than not Google Assistant im… Stop search results being read out loud after using Google Voice When I open Chrome on my pixel wait and I tap the search bar, the virtual keyboard comes up. I hit t… How can i make google speak in english Goole search doesn't speak English Google Assistant disappeared on new Pixel Slate New Pixel Slate and Google Assistant has disappeared. UK bought device so should be no regional rest…
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How can I get google assistant on my slate? Google assistant is missing from my pixel slate its greyed out under stylus tools and nothing happen…
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Google Assistant Actions not supported. Google Assistant Actions are no longer supported. EX: Talk to Harmony, Talk to Word A Day, Talk to D…
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Shut up Google Just about every time I use the microphone to do a search, the results I get back arr spoken out lou… assistant not available on brand new Slate. Updated to latest chrome os. Tried different languages. Chatted with google experts and elevated iss… Slate timezone and Google Assistant timezone mismatch My pixel slate is connected to my corporate wifi, whose internet connection is in a different timezo…
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The Google Assistant doesn't speak this language. I set brand new Pixel Slate up and changed system Language to one of unsupported by Google Assistant…
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Are there any changes or improvements with Google Assistant on Pixel Slate? The speed to launch Google Assistant on Pixel Slate is almost 4 times faster now than when we first …
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