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Issues with text disappearing while typing Has anyone had issues with the text that you are typing disappearing? If you try and back-space, it …
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System recovery did not work I used your recover process. I downloaded the recovery OS, the Pixel gave the "installing do not tur…
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Unsure how to resolve Unrecognized error: not authenticated I've been attempting to log into a new WiFi network in my home. I have entered the correct password;… Pixel Slate powers off after wake from sleep (troubleshooting). I know this subject has been posted before (see locked threads by Bryan Ward and Jim Raeburn. Bryan … My slate keyboard stop working, with no reason? I tried to reset, I did powerwash and nothing! how do I forward a web page to a friend from my Google slate? I read a article I want to forward to friend
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Display settings don't seem to save on my pixel slate. I have to change my display setting to 150% every time my device turns on and off. Is there a way to… When uploading pictures to Instagram, the pixel slate has downloads instead of google photos Allow instagram to access my photos How to make "Keep WiFi on during sleep" work I have checked the setting (ON) and have toggled it off and ON again, and have rebooted. WiFi still … Pixel Slate not linking with my Pixel 3xl Everything. What is most troubling is that tethering is impossible without linkage. Does anyone have…
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in laptop mode the home screen is empty In tablet mode all the apps are on the Home Screen. When keyboard is attached there are none. Is there a way to get my keyboard to sound when I type ? everything My Pixel is supposed to auto back up the pictures i take. How do i access them? The pictures I take with my Pixel are supposed to be automatically backed up. Where can I find and a…
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Pen writing noises during recording..HELP I would like to silence the pen noises that I hear when I am writing on my Google pixel slate. When … live wallpapers will not work on pixel slate? Is there any way to get my live wallpapers to work on pixel slate?
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