Create calendar events and ask about your schedule

You can ask your Google Assistant on Pixel Slate to add events to your calendar or tell you about your schedule.

Calendars you can use

  • Your Google Calendar.
  • Google Calendars that you share with others or that others share with you. Learn how to share a calendar.
  • Calendars imported through links or iCal.

These calendars won't work:

  • Birthdays, holidays, and other automatic events
  • Calendars through your work or school account

Add an event or ask about your schedule

On your device, press the Launch assistant key key, touch and hold the Launcher Launch icon, or say "Ok Google." Then say or type a command.

  • Add a calendar event:
    • "Add a meeting to my calendar."
    • "Schedule an event for me on Saturday at 8 PM."
    • "Add an event called Birthday Dinner."
  • Find out what's on your calendar:
    • "When's my first meeting today?"
    • "Where's my next event?"
    • "What's my agenda for August 1?"

Note: To delete or change an event, go to Google Calendar on your phone or computer.

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