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Use Pixel Slate touchscreen accessibility features

Using your Pixel Slate's touchscreen can make interacting easier.

Turn on accessibility features

First, turn on accessibility features for your touchscreen. Then you can use the gestures below. To learn how to turn on accessibility features, see Related articles.

You'll also be able to use spoken feedback. Learn more about ChromeVox spoken feedback.

ChromeVox changes some touch screen functions:

  • To focus on a single item, tap once.
  • To activate an item, double-tap it.
  • To shift focus, drag with one finger.
  • To scroll a page, drag with two fingers.

Use the touch screen

  • To explore what's on the screen, touch an object on the screen. You'll hear a description of the object you're touching.
  • To select a focused object, double-tap anywhere on the screen.
  • To go to the next item, swipe right or down.
  • To go to the previous item, swipe left or up.
  • To drag or scroll, double-tap the screen and hold your finger down.
  • To change the volume, slide one finger up or down along the right side of the screen.
  • To go to the top of the page, swipe up with two fingers.
  • To read from the current location, swipe down with two fingers.

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