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Use your Pixel Slate with work or school accounts

You can use Pixel Slate with a work or school account. However, to download Android apps while signed in on your work or school account, you might need to ask your organization's admin to turn on several settings for your group in the Admin console.

Note: If your Google Account was set up through a K-12 school or non-profit group, or you have an .edu email address, you won't be able to use "Ok Google" on your device.

You can access Android apps and Google Assistant by signing in to your personal account, rather than your work or school account. Just note that Android apps are linked to the account you used to install them, so you may have separate apps in your personal and work accounts.

For more information on how to sign in with another account, see Related articles.

Here's what your organization's admin needs to do to grant you access to Android apps and Google Assistant through your work or school account:

  • To allow for downloading of Android apps from the Google Play Store, enable Android apps on Chrome OS for your domain.
  • To enable the Google Assistant, turn on Web & App Activity. After your admin turns on this setting, it can take a few hours for the setting change to apply. Learn more about Web & App Activity.

Admins: For more information on enabling Android apps on managed devices.

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