Troubleshoot Pixelbook Pen issues

These troubleshooting steps apply only to the Pixelbook Pen. While other styluses can also work with Pixel Slate, they may have limited functionality. We recommend using the Pixelbook Pen, which is designed specifically for use with your Pixel Slate and the Google Assistant.

If you're having issues with your Pixelbook Pen, try these steps:

  • Remove the pen's battery, then put it back in.
    Unscrew the pen to access the battery. Be sure to put it back in with the "+" side down.
  • Check if your pen's battery power is low.
    You'll see a notification on the bottom of your screen if the Pixelbook Pen's battery is low. Replace it with a new AAAA battery. To learn how to replace the battery, see Related articles.
  • Check the pen tip for wear or damage.
    Replace the tip if it appears damaged or worn. Get replacement tips for the Pixelbook Pen. To learn how to replace the pen tip, see Related articles.

Lagging issues

Lagging (the amount of time it takes for motions you make with Pixelbook Pen to appear on your screen) can vary from app to app. For a better experience, we recommend using apps that have been optimized for the Pixelbook Pen, such as Google Keep and Canvas. To learn more about how to find and download apps that work better with Pixelbook Pen, see Related articles.

If you're experiencing an unusual amount of lag with Pixelbook Pen, try these steps:

  • Close and restart the app.
  • Check if your pen's battery power is low (see details in section above).
  • Try another app. If you don't experience Pixelbook Pen lag in another app, the issue is likely with the original app you tried. Contact that app's developers for support.

If the pen still does not work or is damaged, contact us.

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