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Updated: Yesterday
Is it possible to add a second face id for pixel 4 face unlock? I'm trying to add my significant other's face to face unlock and cannot find where to add more face … Pixel 4 XL big battery drain from apps only used for seconds... Had the Pixel 4 XL for just over a week but noticed some strange app battery usage readings. As you …
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Black crush My brand new pixel 4xl has a problem displaying dark videos and pictures, the dark areas of images l…
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My Pixel 4 XL camera is no longer working When I first got my phone the camera worked beautifully, and now after the update, it no longer work…
0 Recommended Answers 13 Replies 2 Upvotes
Anyone else having an issue with super slow voice typing on their Pixel 4? Google assistant voice transcription on my Pixel 4 is light ing fast, but when i try and use the voi…
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My Pixel 4XL is stuck checking for data when transferring from my iPhone 6S+. How long does it take? I've been waiting 20 minutes on the checking for data screen while setting up my Pixel 4XL. It's con… Pixel 4xl gesture swiping (not liking it) So for my new pixel 4xl. I didn't know gesture swiping would be different than my current 3xl. I'm g… Does Pixel 4 xl face iD technology integrate with banking and financial companies login procedures? Many of modern banking and financial apps allow to use fingerprint based login to sign in. How and w… Poor image quality in new Google Pixel 4XL on selfie-camera Hello dear community. Few days ago I bought new Google Pixel 4XL (128Gb). My previous mobile phone i…
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My Pixel 4 XL doesn't work correctly with Instagram it doesn't load images and stays on a white scre Uninstalled Instagram multiple times And signed in and out also clear cache and memory
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Reminders don't work sometimes when the phone is locked I'm setting up reminders but most of the time the reminders do not work unless I unlock my phone and…
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Pixel 4xl gps accuracy low. Pixel 4xl has by far the worst location accuracy of all the phones ive owned. It does not give the d…
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Pixel 4 XL keeps crashing/restarting randomly in apps I've had the phone for less than a week and it keeps randomly restarting on me. This is my second fa…
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