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Updated: Yesterday
Can't change default music for Google Pixel USB C headphones I set up my USB C headphones for my Google Pixel 4, and I made the default music provider TuneIn rad…
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I'm having an issue with my Pixel 4. At random times an ear piercing noise will come from the phone. Anyone else experienced this? The phone can just be sitting there and you hear it for about 3 second…
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Top speaker occasionally not working for some media audio? Sometimes when I try to watch videos on some media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, snapchat) or play…
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Anyone seeing issues with Pixel4 and cars with Bluetooth connection? When my phone is connected to the Bluetooth, it shows as no signal. Although the phone has the signa…
0 Recommended Answers 14 Replies 7 Upvotes
"Face enrolment didn't work." Face Unlock malfunctioning on new Pixel 4, can't configure. My new Pixel 4 arrived last night, so I started setting it up, transferring things over from my Pixe…
0 Recommended Answers 72 Replies 56 Upvotes
Chrome and Android System Webview won't update on new Pixel 4 When the Pixel 4 I've just received installs updates for the pre-installed apps, the installs for up…
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When can we expect dual frequency GPS support? L1+L5 support was stated as "coming soon" at launch with no further updates.
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Marco Polo sound issues When I play back a Marco Polo that I recorded, it has a rhythmic tapping sound in the background. It…
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