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Updated: Yesterday
No sound for alarm or ringtone no matter what I do. Videos and timer etc still work... Have removed and reinserted SIM, have restarted device, have checked updates, and have messed around… Dial Pad tone volume Anyway to lower the dial pad tone? I have the off/ on toggle but otherwise, I don't know which, if a…
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My lock screen glows with a greenish hue When my phone is locked, the screen glows brightly with a greenish hue and it drains my battery. Has…
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Phone is blocked in PIN screen message "PIN required after device restarts" My phone is blocked in the PIN Screen. The Fingerprint bring up the PIN Screen as well Correct PIN b…
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Pixel 3 Battery drain and poor performance since march 2019 security update Hi, Since the March 2019 security update installed this morning the battery life on my pixel 3 is pl… How to fix the low volume issue on pixel2? Volume is low across all systems. How to fix the low volume issue on pixel2? Volume is low across all systems. Ringtones, media , alar…
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App auto update not working Hello, For the Play Store I have auto update for apps turned on but none of the apps update unless I…
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Pixel 4 or 3's storage durability info Anyone who had to purchase a Micro-SD card knows that many cards like SanDisk says that their cards …
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Notification dot not showing up even though it is on None of my notification dots are showing up even though I have turned them on. I’m in the most recen…
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Pixel 3a, completely dead, unresponsive, no lights, nothing. one month old :( My Pixel 3a is one month old. It had been working fine I suppose other than the annoying android gli…
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Pixel 3 screen stops responding to touch input after it shuts off. I've tried manually rebooting. Fixes the issue for a couple minutes before the whole cycle begins ag… Battery dies at 40 - 50% How large is this issue of the battery life being degraded to only 40-50% and the phone shuts down. … External microphone audio delay in video recording Recording with external microphone
0 Recommended Answers 9 Replies 20 Upvotes
Are screen flashes and glitches warrantable? I purchased a brand new Pixel 3 less than 3 months ago and within the last month, I have been notici…
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