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Updated: Yesterday
DND silencing calls when not on DND is set from 1130pm - 7am daily. Often I miss a morning call dues to it claiming it is on DND but… Issues accessing storage after January Google Play System update Known Issue January 31, 2024 We are aware of a storage issue occurring on a small number of Pixel phones that ha…
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Phone always shows only 2 bars when I'm in my house My WiFi and Internet are working properly.  Inner Screen of Pixel Fold is intermittently dropping Scroll Inertia I have just had my Pixel Fold back from repair and have recently noticed the above issue. It is inte… My phone won't turn on. I have tried the standard troubleshooting options, but it's not working. I have tried pressing and holding the power button and volume button together for 30 seconds, the po… Unable to scroll and swipe normally when Pixel 6a is being charged After updating Pixel 6a to Android 14 recently, found that scrolling and swiping performance suffers… My phone stopped being "secure" according to wallet app and several other apps. Hello everyone. Recently, I started to receive messages on my pixel 4a phone, that it does not meet …
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Phone Hanging Pixel 6a My phone is hanging frequently since 2 months And only number coming for some contacts sinc…
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My pixel 4a finger print sensor not working....... Please help me..... Not showing any option...... Finger print sensor option is not showing....
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No 4G or 5G My Pixel 6 a doesn't give me any connection out and about.Not 4G or 5G, when it's available on my hu… pixel 7 pro apps NOT RESPONDING. Restart doesn't help. Now can't make or receive calls I bought this phone new Sept 2023. Throughout the day the apps take turns "not responding" I do a re…
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Phone not restarting Phone crashes during restart and never starts. Had a chat with the support team, but they couldn’t h…
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Slow Wi-Fi when connected to Bluetooth Restarting phone and resetting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.
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