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Updated: Yesterday
95% of Burmese are using Zawgyi font. So please need to update it. nobody can't read and understand Burmese Unicode font, you need to update it. If you want to growing…
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Speaker sounds bass heavy/ sounds normal again when hitting pause and play When playing a YouTube video or any kind of media the Videos audio sounds very bass heavy and just a…
0 Recommended Answers 49 Replies 81 Upvotes
Pixel 1 keeps randomly changing time zones, jumps ahead and back frequently. My pixel keeps changing time zones, jumps 10 hrs 30 mins ahead. It jumps back and forth seemingly at…
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Why has my Pixel 3 XL not received the May 2019 security patch yet? I normally get updates the day they rollout, but I haven't received the May security patch yet. I've… Recently my screen call button has decided to answer phone calls instead of screen calls. Why? Has anything been updated or changed recently that would disable the screen call feature on US based…
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Unexpected sound comes when unlocking my pixel 3 xl tried to run in safe mode too same problem still Weird sound consistently comes when trying my Google pixel 3xl to unlock . Tried safe mode too and g… What can I do if my pixel doesn't recognize that usb c headphones are connected? Recently usb C headphones (including the ones that came with the phone) aren't recognized by my phon… Charging port loose and not dirty (lifeproof case). Keeps dropping android auto. Suggestions? My usbc port is loose and keeps dropping android auto connection. Several techs suggested new cables…
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Delayed Notifications on Wifi For some reason whenever I am on my home wifi the notifications form Gmail, WhatsApp, GroupMe, Snapc…
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Hi My Pixel 2 has recently gone into bootloader and ERROR: Slot Unbootable: Load Error appears I'm unable to select any of the actions when selecting the power key, START / RECOVERY MODE takes me…
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Got new pixel 3 today. I can't hear people on the phone without putting it on speaker. Is there any way I can increasethe volume . Have been into settings but could only find settings for ringtone etc. I couldn'n't find abything about increasing volumr of people speaking Increase voice volume Camera app keeps crashing System update and restart
0 Recommended Answers 42 Replies 242 Upvotes
No audio on Pixel through speakers or headphone jack A few weeks ago my phone stopped playing audio, both through the speakers and the headphone jack, an… I cannot hear my phone ring what is the problem? I've downloaded app from the play store it's supposed to be loud they do not work and I have missed …
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