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Updated: Yesterday
Anyone get the July update yet? Last month I got the June update early. This month (July 2020) I haven't heard or seen any details.a… New software update wrecking havoc on pixel 3 Overheating. Screen loss (black, no response) Biometric loss. Pixelation (text overlap) Phone perfor…
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How do I contact support team. So many problems in my device. Pixel 3: Music stops playing after June security update I tried multiple apps, but m4a Audio files play but I cannot hear the music. Sometimes the first son…
0 Recommended Answers 23 Replies 16 Upvotes
After the March update Pixel 3 is lagging heavily on lock/unlock and won't unlock at all on calls Updated to March update on Pixel 3, and now the unlock and lock performance is significantly slow. I…
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Count my online banking how to get it out of spam please help Block my own line messages by mistake please help me get it out of spam
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Not working device Not working properly
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Pixel 4 freezing issue About three days ago, my pixel 4 began freezing up randomly when viewing video on chrome. It correct…
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My phone is stuck @ 50% and also dies as soon as I get to work and move around. A soft reset, holding power button and volume up, holding power only, installed latest updates, very… Got the latest update. Pixel 3XL got sluggish, couldnt wake the phone using fingerprint! Update around 6pm. Phone got slow. Couldn't wake the phone up using the fingerprint, and even the pu…
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Pixel 3a wakes up, launches apps, dials phone spontaneously This morning out walking the dog/exercising, I hear my Pixel 3a, in my pocket, no apps open, emittin…
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Set up didn't restore my back up I had to factory reset my phone. My last back up was a few minutes before that so I just did it but …
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Not working properly Call me
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I want to set my s 20 ultra so that when I swipe my home screen from left to right I want Google now To set the home screen from.left to right swipe to open Google now
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Pixel 3XL screen freezing. even after factory resetting this problem persists hello, My pixel 3xl is suddenly not working. its screen is freezing every 3-4 mins of usage. this pr…
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