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Updated: Today
Pixel 3 active edge, double tap wake, lift to wake not working Hey all, I have a brand new Pixel 3 and out of the box I have updated it to Android 10, November upd…
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No Sound From Bottom Speakers Pixel 3a? So, I dropped my 3a, and now there is no sound coming from the bottom speakers. Instead, it's coming… Any one experiencing crackling top speaker on Pixel 3a post Android 10 updates? Top speaker crackles on youtube, audio and other media apps. Didnt find the issue on Android 9 but i…
0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 16 Upvotes
My Pixel 2 XL is suffering with screen burn, can I get this repaired under warranty please. The whole screen has a yellow tint apart from the nav bar at the bottom. The phone is 100% suffering… My Pixel 2 XL is now lagging after Android 10 update. It also gets VERY HOT when in use now. My Pixel 2 XL is now lagging after Android 10 update. It also gets VERY HOT when in use now. I've ha…
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I'm having persistent clicking noises in the background of all video recorded through Instagram Simply trying to record stories through Instagram and no matter what I do there's a tapping or click… Pink vertical line going through my screen My Google Pixel 3 XL has a pink vertical line running through the middle of the screen. The phone is…
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Are screen flashes and glitches warrantable? I purchased a brand new Pixel 3 less than 3 months ago and within the last month, I have been notici…
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Updated Android 10 Pixel 2XL. After downloading, installing,restarting, phone stuck on launch screen I attempted to update my Google Pixel 2XL to Andriod 10 today. I successfully downloaded and install…
Updated: Yesterday
Google Pixel 3 XL: Power button not functioning properly Recently (within the past day) my Pixel 3XL's power button hasn't been functioning properly. I can d… Earpiece speaker not working after June 5th update in Pixel 2 XL after I installed the June 5th security patch of Android 9 in my Pixel 2 XL.. the earpiece speaker s…
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Pixel 3a - poor sound quality (aux & bluetooth) Through both the headphone jack and bluetooth connection, sound loudness is dulled and quality is po… I updated my pixel 4 to the latest update. Its bottom speakers stopped working. The bottom speakers of pixel 4 stopped working. It would start working for about 1-2 seconds before …
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Pixel 4XL - Green tint at lower brightness (under ~40%) This is a problem with either the display software, hardware, or a combination of both. I don't beli…
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Anyone else having an issue with super slow voice typing on their Pixel 4? Google assistant voice transcription on my Pixel 4 is light ing fast, but when i try and use the voi…
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Pixel 3 keep changing my wallpaper (Daily Wallpaper is not enabled). Why? I have a Pixel 3 and I have set a photo for my wallpaper. Every day or sometimes twice a day, the wa…
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No sound. No speakers, headphone jack, calls , microphone. Hi, I bought my phone Pixel XL pre owned by someone else around June 2018. It was working all fine a… Pixel 2 Keeps Pausing Media Hi, No matter the media app (YouTube, Play Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts) the playback gets random…
0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 2 Upvotes
Pixel 4 XL microphone problem When taking a video either on Snapchat or with regular camera there is a slow steady ticking sound l…
0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 27 Upvotes
I cannot unlock pin password I input the pin password and screen flash black, logcat throws an exception and reset the password p…
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