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Google Keep Android App not syncing with Pixel 5. Anyone had this issue? Google Keep Android app does not update when notes are added from web app from windows desktop platf…
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Unable to get email My phone stopped downloading email from one of my accounts. What could have happened? How do i fix?
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Having trouble connecting to my work wifi. Works at home. Have already done all the troubleshootin Tried all troubleshooting, to the point of factory reset
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SD Card Required Error message when loading Audible app I have tried to open this app several times, set permissions to "Allow" ("Contacts" and "Files and M…
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Pixel wont power ob Power it on. It has been working fine. This morning after being on the charger all night phone was o…
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Pixel 5 can't find Chromecast when trying to cast but does see it from the Google Home app. When trying to cast my phone or Youtube video it doesn't find Chromecast. However within Google Home…
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All sensors on Pixel 3 has stopped working since June OS update. All sensors on my Pixel 3 had stopped working right after the June OS update. This includes the acce…
0 Recommended Answers 36 Replies 27 Upvotes
After the Android 11 update, my Spotify stops playing everytime my phone is locked. Pixel 3A XL. After Android 11 update, my Spotify stops playing everytime my phone locks. Then when I turn the scr…
0 Recommended Answers 164 Replies 367 Upvotes
My pixel 2 becomes glitchy after screen was reconnected Hello all those who reading this appeal. I have purchased Google pixel 2 for personal using. During …
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I have don't start my play store there has option retry and setting update chorme G
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Updates for Pixel 2 "messages" has download buttons. Messages are expiring. Is this a software support or pixel 2 proble…
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How can I organize and delete device folders (photos) on my Pixel? 1) When I transferred thousands of photos over from my previous iPhone, they were (seemingly randoml…
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My phone is hacked without my permission.how to remove hacking Plz remove hacking my phone Constant Voicemail Icon The voicemail icon shows even when there are no voicemails. Clearing storage removes it, only to rea… anyone stuck on May 1, 2020 Google Play System update and the icon next to the text in RED? Anyone stuck with the May 1, 2020 Google Play system update with a RED icon next to the text. curren… Pixel 4a front facing camera taking blurry pictures Just upgraded to a Pixel 4a from a Pixel 3 and I have noticed a drastic downgrade in the quality usi… Can I access my external on my phone? I'm trying to view the files on my WD external with my phone, but whenever I tried to connect it, my…
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How do I fix story instagram problems on my pixel 4a 5G? When I post a instagram story on my pixel 4a 5G, the image goes completely black, but the audio rema…
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