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Sudden drop in Pixel 3 battery level from 15% to 0% My Pixel 3 is about 3 months old. Recently when the battery levels gets to about 15% or 14%, it sudd… Pixel 2 xl takes more time to charge while increase the percentage it took 40 minutes to get 87% and 2 hours to get the last 13% i saw tables on reddit but no answers
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New pixel 3 xl keeps shutting down Tried factory reset still crashes Battery stuck at 0%, shuts down when unplugged The phone boots up and runs fine while plugged in, but immediately shuts down if unplugged. Battery …
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My cell phone turns off when I plug the charger. It does not matter what type of USB or charger is. I already rebooted in security mode, I already reset it and even did the hard reset.
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Why is my Pixel 3 draining fast the battery after Android 10 upgrade? Hello, A few days ago I upgraded my Pixel 3 to Android 10. So before the upgrade, the battery life w…
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Aggressive battery draining after Android 10 update on Pixel XL I have a pixel XL which was performing perfectly fine until I have upgraded the OS to Android 10. Th…
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Pixel 2: Battery display erratic and random shutdowns Hi folks, My Pixel 2 device will randomly turn off, either in use or while locked, battery level be …
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Very fast battery drain on Pixel 2 after Android 10 update Since I updated my Pixel 2 to android 10 the battery is draining fast and the full charge last aroun…
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Pixel 3 wont charge on any of my pixel stands or any of my wireless chargers after April sec. update Pixel 3 XL, battery drains very quick and wont charge on any of my wireless chargers(including 2 dif… Pixel battery replaced 3x @ authorized repair center within 5 weeks for same battery drain problem! Since the most recent OS update, my pixel has eaten through three batteries -- the original 2 1/2 ye… My Pixel 2 XL shutdown when charging after updated to Android 10 As mentioned in the title, it was happened 2 times.
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Battery drains when powered off My phone is at 100% when I power if off at night. When I turn it on in the morning it is less than 4…
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My Pixel stop after opening Play Store then cannot restart or reboot. My Pixel stop after opening Play Store the cannot restart or reboot, I have followed the instruction…
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Pixel 3. After update, the battery stuck at 0% After update, battery stuck at 0%. When plugged into pixel charger, "plugged in but can't charge rig…
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my pixel 2 xl suddenly stopped charging using the original charger. only charges when i use a USBC-USBA cable. Tried cleaning the USB C port but no luck. I tried cleaning using the business card solution shared in this forum but it still does not work. W… Pixel 3 cycles on and off when on wireless charging stand When charging my Pixel 3 on the wireless charging stand, the screen flashes quite a lot. It's incred…
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