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I am a senior citizen and I cannot afford your offering I'm very sorry but please turn it off thank I have tried nothing I need to get out of it I'm a poor poor old woman.
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I cannot unlock pin password I input the pin password and screen flash black, logcat throws an exception and reset the password p…
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I dropped my phone in the pool and pulled it out immidiately. I left my pixel 2 in rice overnight. I've pressed the volume down and power button for over a minute but nothing happened. There is a red…
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Disable navigation bar when watching full screen video on google chrome app. When watching a movie or sports game full screen on the google chrome app the white pill bar will no…
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on the pixel 1 lock screen glitch/problem on my google pixel 1 when i unlock the phone with the correct password the screen goes black briefly…
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I have the following notification: SIM not provisioned for voice Also cannot connect to my Apple Airpods and my Pixel buds randomly start playing my alarm sound. My Pixel 3 is stuck on a white screen with the Google G and a loading bar underneath it. I have tried holding the power button down for 30 seconds as recommended and nothing changed. The sc…
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Phone audio on my Pixel 3 is not working properly The audio on my Pixel 3 is not working properly on phone calls. When I receive a call, I can hear th…
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Can I email a distribution list without going into me contracts? Also, can I bcc a distribution list Email and group and/or blind copy a group
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Why are you replacing my brand new phone with a refurbished phone? I purchased a brand new Pixel 3. Exactly one month later it was determined by Google tech support th… Unable to log into Google Passwords with fingerprint on Pixel 3a According to this Google blog post from August 12, 2019, the ability to log in to passwords.google.c…
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CaptivePortalLogin keeps stopping since June security update Since the June security update was installed on my Pixel 2, I have been unable to use public WiFi ne… July 2019 security patch 'couldn't update - installation problem', then withdrawn for Pixel 2 ? When the July 2019 OTA security patch was originally offered on my Pixel 2 here in the UK last week,…
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Need help, strange situation, not satisfied with support answer Hi there, question; since this morning in my Pixel 3 taskbar there suddenly is an App (NOS) and it h… my Pixel 2 battery is draining very quickly even in safe mode after the April 2019 update. Uninstalled unnessary app, disabled play store, disabled Bluetooth and wifi Tested in Safe mode , ba…
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Pixel 3 only charging one way round Hi My pixel 3 only charges with the USB c connected one way up but not the other. This problem seems… Camera app keeps crashing System update and restart Usb-c adapter for audio is not working (PLEASE READ THE FULL POST WITH UPDATES) I have been using my pixel 2 xl for almost 9 months. Today … pixel 2 weak LTE signal Is anyone else experiencing decreased signal strength since March 1st update? My pixel 2, immediatel…
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When Google is going to tell us something about the pixel3 focusing rear camera problem? More and more people are having this focusing problem. When are you going to tell us something about…
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