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Updated: Today
My phones screen has been damaged and want to get it replaced My phones screen has been broken and wanted it to be replaced
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Google Pixel 4a WIFI Problem My Phone keeps reconnecting to WIFI over and over again when its on. I cant do anything against it a…
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WhatsApp video call issue, camera tends to show blurry and sometimes oversharpened video Have uninstalled WhatsApp various times.
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Return issues, Pro forma invoice required by DHL to return to the Poland repair centre. Trying to return my faulty pixel phone but DHL state I require a pro forma invoice. Asked Google sup… My apps are not downloading in google play Yes Ordered Pixel phone, received an empty box... Hey Google Community! I ordered a Pixel 5 phone directly from Google, and when I received and opened…
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If I have two downloaded eSIMS and I take out the physical SIM, will dual eSIM work? I'm just curious if I would be able to use two eSIMS at the same time. I don't use a physical SIM. I… How do I display date on phone Everything
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I cannot get in touch with google to request a warranty claim. Neither online nor though my pixel. I cannot get through to Google to call, email or even chat to discuss a limited warranty claim. Neit… My phone constantly says No Photos Selected. All the time. I've already disabled screen saver. I have tried the Widget app to disable it. Restarted my phone and it still says it
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When I connect my phone to my laptop with a US-C or USB cord I do not get "transfer file" option A message will pop up on my laptop saying "no new files to download" even though there are new pics …
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Hello! I'm having a problem with the "Styles & Wallpapers" app. I created my own style, but I didn't Перезагрузил телефон, обновил, частично сбросил настройки.
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At-a-Glance Weather Disappearing [There are many posts about this issue on various phones, but they've all been locked so I'm startin…
0 Recommended Answers 44 Replies 163 Upvotes
Pixel 4XL wireless charging has stopped working after the March update. I did the update this morning and both of my wireless chargers display on the phone" Realign phone t…
0 Recommended Answers 45 Replies 61 Upvotes
Pixel 3 XL quit wirelessly charging past 91% after the March 2021 update. After the March 2021 update my Pixel 3 XL stops wirelessly charging at 91%. I spoke with Google supp…
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Concurrent bluetooth & hotspot not working My Hyundai Ioniq uses bluetooth for hands-free calls & hotspot for access to map updates & safety ca…
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I can't remember my voicemail password. How do I get it? Retrieve my voicemail password.
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Pixel 5 battery getting stuck at random numbers Hi, I have been using the Pixel 5 for just 2 days and today I observed that my battery percentage go… Why my Pixel 3a XL dont' show up contacts names on incoming calls? When I receive a call from someone who is in my contacts, the name does not appear but only their ph… Issues connecting to T-Mobile over Cell Network I'm having connection issues with T-Mobile and a brand new Pixel 4a 5G. I recently received the phon…
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