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Sleep bug on Pixel 3a. Force shut down and restart required. 0 Recommended Answers 120 Replies 134 Upvotes
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Last edited 5/14/19
Anyone else having this issue? I pocket my phone throughout the day and it seems to be having a sleep bug constantly. It's happened 3 times today. It requires me to hold the power button down for 10 seconds to force shut down, and then power it back on like normal.

A user on reddit told me he contacted customer service and got a new phone sent out via RMA. Although since him and I are both having this issue, it seems to sound more like a software issue and not a hardware one. Anyone have insight?
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I'm seeing this as well, though in my case holding down the power button alone wouldn't do it. I had to hold down power and volume down and boot the phone that way. I have a 3a XL.
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Im having the same issue. happens every 30 minutes
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I'm having the exact same issue on a regular Pixel 3. It's really annoying.
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I'm having the same problem on my Pixel 3a XL. Plugging it into the charger wakes it up immediately. It's happened to me twice since I bought it five days ago. There has been plenty of juice left in the battery when it's happened. This last time it showed 56% charged.

I'm also having a more and more persistent problem with chime that sounds repeatedly when I plug it into a charger. I have 4 different chargers that are USB-C, so it's not specific to the charger. When I unplug the phone, rotate the plug so that it's flipped over, and plug it back in, it chimes once like it's supposed to and charges normally again.
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I'm also having this issue with a Pixel 3a, it's happened frequently since receiving the phone two days ago. Can't identify a specific app that's causing the problem as was suggested by support, have factory reset to start from scratch again and yesterday set the sleep timer to 30 minutes to avoid it happening but obviously this isn't a long term solution. It woke up fine this morning while still charging, after I unplugged the charger and pushed the power button to put it to sleep, the same thing happened and couldn't wake it. It's since done the same multiple times in just a few hours...
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Hi everyone,
It may be that you need to have the phone replaced as others in this Reddit thread have found.
I suggest you reach out to a Support Specialist and have them investigate - via Settings > Support & tips or by requesting a callback on a different phone via this link.
- Mike
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Same issue here, six times in the last 1.5 weeks since receiving it. Google wants to put a $500 plus hold on my credit card account to send out a new one until the old one is returned. So let's see, you sell me a junk phone that randomly shuts off And you want to put a $500 plus hold on my credit card to send me out a new one to replace it. The other option they gave me was to just send it in and they will send me a new one once my original phone is received. maybe I'm the minority but I don't have a spare phone just laying around that I can use. I actually traded in my old phone for this phone. Google customer service is a joke, when I called in, not only did they get my email address wrong several times, but my actual address as well. Apparently there is a disconnect in the English language. There is absolutely no excuse to release a phone that has issues like this. I was told well maybe the second batch is better than the first. What kind of crap is that Google? If there is something different with the second batch then maybe you should find out what that said difference is and fix the first batch... 🙄
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Same issue here.
I got my Pixel 3a XL on May 17 and have this problem 1-2 times per day sine then.
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It looks like I'm having similar issues, but not exactly. Had the phone for one week and here is my issue. When I go to bed I use the phone as an alarm for the next morning. I plugged in the phone to power and left it on. The next morning, when no alarm sounded, I looked at the phone and it was off. Not sure when it turned off. Over the past week this is the first time this has happened. Sounds similar to this thread and may be caused by the same software issue.
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1 hr
Battery saver is my only "fix" on a new Pixel 3a.
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