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The rear camera shakes basically all the time. Recorded video turns out flickering and pictures are not as sharp as they should be.

I have tried different settings and clearing the camera app to defaults.

Video of the phone exhibiting the behaviour: https://youtu.be/Y_wRNGdeV4w

Is this a hardware fault with the optical image stabilization?

Hate to have to send it in ;(

The phone is 2 weeks old.
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I'm having the exact same problem with my Pixel 3. 

It was never dropped or something, and without any apparent reason, started to have such glitches.

The camera shakes more in a low light environment, and now I just can't make any kind of video, using the original camera app or other apps that use the camera.

I've already tried:
- Reset the phone several times;
- Run it in Safe Mode;
- Restore to factory settings;

One note here, I was using the Android Q Beta 3 when this started to happen, so I thought that was related to the beta OS, but after reverting to the latest stock/stable version, the issue continues. 

So it seems to be really a hardware problem.

I brought this phone on an international trip, and here in Brazil, there is no Google Store or similar, how can I proceed in this case?
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Hi guys,
Yes, that camera shake sounds like a hardware problem with the rear camera's autofocus / optical image stabilization mechanism. You'll need to get in touch with Pixel Support in order to arrange for a repair or replacement. 
Support is unfortunately only available in countries where the Pixel 3 is officially sold:
If you're not currently in one of those countries then it may be best to see if a friend or family member in one of those supported countries might contact support on your behalf. Otherwise you could use a VPN hosted in a supported country to connect with support and try to work something out.
Good luck,
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Happens to me constantly. Worked fine for months. Maybe an update killed it. Every 2 seconds or so the image goes all wavy
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Having the same exact problem.  Seems like too many people reporting this to be a hardware issue.  Sounds more like a software problem.
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Just noticed a post elsewhere about this issue, and the poster mentioned that there is a noticeable clicking sound when you move the phone, like something is loose in the camera itself.  While I thought it might be software related, it seems now like this is a widespread hardware issue.
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Same issue with my pixel 3. Even while recording a video of a static object and being as stable as possible, the video shakes every few seconds.
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Same here with my P3 bought in Japan. From researching it seems to be a hardware problem with the OIS. I submitted a request for support to contact me more than a 2 weeks ago but have yet to hear back. I guess now that the warranty expired while waiting I might be SOL for support.
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same problem. was ok (well apart form the microphone not working during the first 10 second of a call using the loudspeaker). Now the OIS intermittently glitches during photos and video.. Had about 9 months before the problem started. So many people with this issue now it seems, google really should make an official statement about it.
Last edited 11/10/19
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Eu também estou com esse mesmo problema ..
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Yup. Same issue here. Google needs to step up to the plate and admit faulty hardware/software. I've babied this phone for the three months I've had it, and camera wobble started at the 30-day mark. That, unfortunately, coincided with my arrival to Iceland- so many photos and videos out of focus and generally terrible. Google support's solution? They want to replace my new phone with a used one! Terrible. This will be the last time I buy a Google product.
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