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Has anybody else and having problems with their pixel 3XL after the Android 10 update 0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 34 Upvotes
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Pixel launcher freezing after android 10 update
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Hi Richard - One of the things to do when upgrading to a new OS is to clear the cache of any apps that are having problems. Give that a try and see if it resolves your issue.
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Ok Thank you I have done a hard factory reset and I also did a factory reset from the settings a few times you still seem to have the same problems what I need to clear cache after doing factory reset?
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I also don't have any problems with using apps for my app drawer it's when I go back the option my doc are non-responsive it sometimes need to restart my phone for them to work again
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UPDATE 😀 I seem to have found the problem I'm having bit still no solution guess I'll have to wait for an update maybe... Seems when I'm in full gestures it off sets the icons in my dock after going to home screen after being in my app drawer... I have to touch just above the icon for it to open if I touch right on the icon it doesn't respond.... Is anyone else having this problem?
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Same problem here. Have pixel 3xl on Android 10 with new gesture navigation enabled.  Been having the same issue, I'd say at least daily if not more often, where a portion of the bottom row of icons are unresponsive.  Swiping up and down on the app drawer seems to temporarily resolve, Guessing is a problem with the new gesture navigation.
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Same here, very annoying.
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Exact same issue, brothers me every time the icons in the dock don't respond 😡
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Same problem! Come on Google is usually pretty quick about fixing these kinds of issues.
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Maybe related to the dark mode? .. turned that off and no issues.... Back on again and within a day had a freeze or two
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5 days
You'd imagine that with all the overpaid software developers at Google, issues like this would have been addressed BEFORE launch. If the software is actually tested on the subject devices, how would this issue have not been detected. 

Seems to me there is too much "good enough" mentality going on at Google, Corners are being cut, and the concept of a job well done is extinct. 

A worsening of loose supervision and non-existent consequences for crappy work production is the formula Google is feeding it's software babies. Instead of nice, solid, well digested firmware, Google's software babies are producing broken down, runny, diarrhetic like firmware. None of which anyone likes the smell of.

Crack that whip, Google. Your future is depending on it!
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