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Charging is very slow. Takes more than 3 hours t charge from 20 or 30% to 100% 0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 178 Upvotes
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I am trying to get my phone to charge at its usual fast pace, however it's been charging very slow for a while now. Takes well more than 3 hours to charge from 20% or 30% to 100%. Sometimes the cable has to be reinserted for it to begin charging. I've even bought a new usb type c-type c charging cable from the Google Store, but even that didn't do the trick.
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Sounds like you have a poor physical connection with your charger. 
My recommendations (sounds like some of these you have already tried):
1. Clean the USB-C port on your device. (I personally like to take a business card and fold it diagonally, as to make the corner stronger and thinner. This makes a nice scooping/scraping tool.) (Side note: this one is the solution 99% of the time. Many people think this isn't the case because they can't see* anything inside of the USB-C port, then they are shocked at the amount of dirt and dust that drops out when they start digging it out, just FYI).
2. Use a different charging cable (to rule out that the wire is not the problem). 
3. Make sure the plug is fully inserted and secured into the wall outlet.
4. Try using a different wall outlet.
5. Try using a different power adapter (that's the white brick (wall adapter) that plugs into the wall outlet).
6. Make sure you're using the original charging cable and power adapter that came with the device
7. You can say to Google Assistant "Battery Troubleshooting" and go through the diagnostic process to check on your device's battery health.
8. See if you have the same results in Safe Mode.
Let us know if any of these suggestions are helpful!
Also, what does the bottom of the lock screen say when the phone is plugged into the charger, charging slowly, charging, or charging rapidly?
Let us know...
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I need help
I need help
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Try calibrating your battery.
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My pixel 2 xl charges in 5 HOURS! please help.
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I just had an update and now my phone is "charging slowly" no matter what charger or wall outlet I use.  Takes hours to charge and will lose power if I have connected to charger and use phone at same time.... please help
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Hi David,

Kindly check BG's post and if the issue still persist after you went through it kindly do a factory reset on your phone following this link. Please make sure to check your backed up data on Google cloud first like Google Photos, Google Contacts and Google Drive to make sure that everything is backed up.

If the issue still persist contact Pixel support. 
Go to Settings > Tips and Support > Phone contact / Chat contact.
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David I have the same problem. I connet to a charger before sleep and in the morning it only was charged 15%. I reset the phone, buy a new charger, change sockets, use google assist, same problems. Using ampere app the maximum ampere I reached was 150mA. Any solution?
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I had the same problem and it was a physical connection issue just like the first reply. I first used a business card to get some of the lint out and then i used a coffee stirrer and now it is charging the way it was when I first bought it. Today i purchased a case that has a charging port seal so that this won't happen again.
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Help ! My Google pixel 2 XL phone after pie update My phone it's taking forever to charge , I'm talking hours just to get a full charge. I see that other people are having the issues also do you think Google is going to fix this? do you think they even know?
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