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Camera Fatal Error

Had a pixel 2 XL for less than 6 months and had a fatal error on the camera.
Got a warranty replacement.
The second phone did the exact same thing within a week!
It crashes with 3rd party apps too.
I've uninstalled any 3rd party apps.
I've started in safe mode.
I've tried airplane mode.
I've cleared cache and data.
I've factory reset 4 times.
Now have to order ANOTHER replacement and doing without a phone for a week. Completely unacceptable.
Completely incompetent Google!
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I recommend contacting Pixel support about this issue. I'll update you if I hear anything more on this.

Bradley Shoemaker
Bradley Shoemaker
I'm on my 2nd device also, and the camera app has started crashing. The thread goes back to last year, it should not take this long to figure out what the problem is.
Hi Brad,

Can you share the thread that you are referring to?

Bradley Shoemaker
Bradley Shoemaker
Hello Dinsan, 
  I was referring to the thread you provided. It has a date of 10/22/2017.  My 2ND device has continued to crash, and conversations with support have not helped. This is an unacceptable amount of time to have a problem with a flagship phone that has Google r&d resources
Wondered if you ever figured out a resolution to this, everything I have read in support forums for my Pixel 2XL says to read the forum, try resolving with these steps, and once they don't work I get sent in circles....

My Issue:
DEVICE:  Pixel 2XL,  Android Version 9, Build PPR2.180905.005

ISSUE:  Receive "Camera Error, The Camera Device Received a Fatal Error" for approximately 4 months now.  


I have taken all updates, I have not modified any software/OS, etc, and have submitted numerous error reports via Google's built in error submission system.  

I have followed all of the Google Product Support forums for resetting the device, cleaning the cache, factory reset and re-updating all apps, as well as trying safe mode to see if the app works in safe mode (which it did not), and nothing allows the camera app to work.  I am frustrated as I have been owned the last 3 google phones pushed out, and had no issues like this.  

Please help or fix!  Thanks.
Denys Davydov
Denys Davydov
Same here. Camera does not work. all troubleshooting steps don't work. Camera is the best feature of this phone, so many people complained, google gives zero sht about it bu the looks of it. Is this being addressed at all? thanks 
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