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Posting Some Photos from Pixel 2

Hello, Pixel fans!

Earlier this week we announced the all-new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with the world’s best smartphone camera — again. If you missed it yesterday, check out Mario introducing our new phones here (go to 1:18:00 to jump straight to the camera).

We showed a few photos taken on Pixel 2 during the keynote, and we know some our our most enthusiastic fans will want to see them up close for themselves. Go ahead — take a look at some of our favorite unedited Pixel 2 photos and videos. There are also two videos edited to show side-by-side comparisons of video stabilization.

Our #teampixel community has taken incredible photos with our first Pixel, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the Pixel 2 when you get your hands on one.

For now, let me know what you’re most excited to see in our new camera. :-)

Isaac Reynolds

Product Manager, Camera

PS. Keep an eye out for some tech-talk from us about Portrait in a couple weeks.

PPS. Since some of you are asking -- No equipment was used for these shots except hand grips (especially to hold two phones perfectly side-by-side for the stabilization comparisons) and, for some shots, hand-held reflectors.

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Colin Hopper
Very professional looking Photos
Samip Shah
Samip Shah
Were these photos taken with any sort of additional equipment?
Braden Stookey
Braden Stookey
I would also like to know if any additional equipment was used. Incredible photos! Truly the best smartphone camera yet again.
IsaacOnCamera, These are really nice photos. The camera looks great. But I one of the biggest reasons that is keeping me from buying a pixel is the lack of Professional Controls from the camera. Other big names in Android Phones like Samsung and LG have professional modes in their OEM camera. It would be so nice if Google could implement professional controls into their app to control ISO, Shutter Speed, Manuel Focus, etc. I can download some apps to already do this but they are not as good if the OEM made it for their camera. So please pass this suggestion because I do feel there are alot of users who would like this feature/mode alot. 
Andrei P.
Andrei P.
The issue with Manual controls is that it prevents the camera from taking good photos. The camera inside the Pixel isn't that great, I mean it's just a regular smartphone camera. What makes it great is the google software, that adjust these settings, is live editing the image and applying HDR using machine learning. The camera would be bad if we wouldn't let Google take full control of it. If you want Manual controls, go get a different vendor such as the LG V30, you will get much better results in photos then if Google tried to give us manual controls.
Good for you Carlos. Nobody is stopping you from your precious auto mode. Some of us however like more controls for when we don't have our DSLR and a scene presents itself. My case has a kickstand so it works as a tripod easily for long exposures. It won't cost YOU any extra.


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