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Listening to your Pixel Phone

Hey Everyone,

We want to provide a little more information about headphone options for the Pixel 2. The Pixel 2 still comes with a headphone jack but we have moved to USB-C, a standard that is becoming commonplace in the best phones and laptops of today. Moving to the USB-C audio port with Pixel 2 allows us to provide a better audio and digital experience, as we move towards a bezel-less future.

We realize that some of you might be looking for USB-C headphones, and we want to provide some guidance around headphone compatibility with Pixel 2 devices. The main thing to keep in mind is that Pixel 2 devices are compatible with USB-C headphones that support digital audio.

Here is a list of Made By Google or Made For Google headphones that have been verified to be compatible with the Pixel 2:

  • Google Pixel Buds

  • Libratone QAdapt In-Ear USB-C - Storm/Cloud

  • Libratone QAdapt Over-Ear BT - Storm/Cloud

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular MFG1 Preset (USB-C)

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular MFG2 Preset (USB-C)

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular MFG3 Preset (USB-C)

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular MFG4 Preset (USB-C)

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular MFG5 Preset (USB-C)

  • AiAiAi H60 - Bluetooth headband MFG

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular Wireless MFG6 Preset (Bluetooth)

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular Wireless MFG7 Preset (Bluetooth)

  • AiAiAi TMA-2 Modular Wireless MFG8 Preset (Bluetooth)

  • Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones brass with black chrome finish (USB-C) - Coming soon

  • Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones brass with Palladium finish (USB-C) - Coming soon

  • Master & Dynamic MH30 Earphones Black Or Silver (USB-C) - Coming soon

  • Master & Dynamic MH40 Earphones Black Or Silver (USB-C) - Coming soon

  • Master & Dynamic MH50 Earphones Black Or  Silver (USB-C/Bluetooth) - Coming soon

  • Master & Dynamic MH60 Earphones Black Or  Silver (USB-C/Bluetooth) - Coming soon

We highly recommend sticking to the list above, but if you are looking to buy another pair of USB-C headphones that isn’t on the list, please make sure they are compatible with digital audio and other standards.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • To give people a choice of audio options, we’ve included an adapter in the box which can be used with existing 3.5mm headphones

  • Other USB-C to 3.5mm adapters/splitters should work, but please be sure they are compatible with digital audio and support the proper audio standards

  • Pixel 2 supports audio adapters and headsets that communicate digitally over USB-C as defined by USB Audio Class 1/2/3. Pixel 2 does not support an analog audio signal over USB-C and subsequently will display an unsupported notification warning when an analog audio device is attached.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post here in the forum, and we’d be happy to help!

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Google user
Google user
If I'm on an airplane and my phone is plugged in and I don't have Bluetooth headset how the hell am I supposed to listen to my phone. God I'm disappointed in you guys. I love my pixel but what a terrible decision.
Expert - Top Contributor
Hello Jesse, you can use the adapter below to charge your phone and plug your 3.5 mm headset at the same time:
przemyslaw sosnowski
przemyslaw sosnowski
Look at that. And only at the low price of $50! Thanks! I can tell this whole jack elimination deal wasn't for the money ;) 
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis
Bezel-less future? You mean those huge bezels on the pixel 2? I sure hope that is *not* "the future" Google designers see.
This is nothing but a way to monetise on additional accessories. Google could have easily put two USB C ports if you wanted customers to shift to USB C for audio.
I'd say the Pixel 1 is the last Google phone I'll own if this hostility towards your customers continues.
"The Pixel 2 still comes with a headphone jack" is a little misleading in a world where headphone jack is AUX out, no?

I'm going to need the enclosed adapter for my 2009 car that doesn't have bluetooth. I tried AUX -> bluetooth adapter but it was annoying to keep something else charged.

I'm going to need the $45 adapter linked above for my bose noise cancelling headphones I use on planes so I can also charge phone at same time.

I'll need one of the standard adapters for running headphones. I considered the Pixel buds but think the cord will get sweaty, so no thanks there.

All that and I'll still have huge bezels on my standard Pixel 2. And no wireless charging. Thanks, google. I really hope qi comes back next year since Apple made it cool again.

291 MORE
7 hr
Waaaaaaaaaaay back there, I said the latest update "might" have fixed my problem where you plug in the headphones and it still plays audio through the speakers and you sometimes have to reboot to get it to work right.

It didn't. The update didn't fix it at all. I guess my phone just happened to behave for awhile; probably because the update involved a reboot. I just wanted to make sure Google knows that it's not fixed, since I don't have a lot of time to spend chasing down solutions to problems that shouldn't be problems in the first place.

I'm still annoyed. I would like Google to know that, too. I still really like the rest of the phone, but it's like dating a man who looks like Chris Hemsworth except he's 3 feet tall. I really want to like this phone, but the one flaw is a doozy.


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