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Mark Monteleone

Pixel 2 XL - PD Charging woes

First day I got my phone and charged it, I noticed something odd.  I plugged in my phone to the stock OEM charger/cable when it was at 35%.  A few hours later I came back it was at 38%.  What the heck?  It did say it was charging rapidly.

I unplugged, I performed a soft reset, plugged back in.  20 minutes later it was over 60%.  Great!  Maybe a tiny glitch?  Didn't think anything of it.

From then on I used USB-C to USB-A to charge my device next to my bedside, not using the rapid charger because I had that in a different room, and at night I didn't need rapid charging.  No problems here, even charged correctly (probably a 1A the USB C to A is capable of)

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I started using the google charger again.  Same problem, this time at 30%.  Walked away, came back, didn't raise even 1% after a half hour.

Soft reboot - Fixed.

Tried a DIFFERENT (anker) USB-PD charger, and a different USB-C cable same results.  Had to reboot to get it charging correctly.  Once again, no problems charging device with a USB C to A cable

I performed a factory reset at some point because I ended up trying 8.1 preview and went back to 8.0. So Factory Reset did not fix issue.

Any ideas?  It sounds like a software glitch, which is why I don't want to RMA the device just yet considering a soft reboot fixes it.

I'm willing to take a bug report if needed.

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Rachael - Community Specialist
Rachael - Community Specialist
Hey Mark,

Welcome to the Pixel User Community

I understand that you're experiencing issues with charging your Pixel 2 phone. I'd like to let you know that I'm discussing with my team on this aspect and shall get back to you soon with an update.

Appreciate your patience.

Original Poster
Mark Monteleone
Thank you, Rachael! 

Edit:  Figured out a different way to "fix" the problem.

The next time my battery was down to around 40%, I plugged the phone into the charger.  Walked away and came back about 20 minutes later with the phone at 41%. 

I simply unplugged the charger, and plugged it right back in within a few seconds.  It then started to charge correctly.  So no rebooting the phone is needed.

Still an issue, but it seems unplugging and re-plugging back in is another solution
Kai-Uwe Markeli
Kai-Uwe Markeli
I'm experiencing the exact same issue on my pixel 2 XL.
The update to Android 8.1 did not resolve the issue.
I already posted this problem in the German Google Pixel product forum but they do not understand the issue and provide me with standard Solutions that does not fit to my problem.
As I understand it seems to be a software issue.
@Rachel what is your team saying to this particular issue?
Gonçalo Vaz
Gonçalo Vaz
Charging of my Pixel 2 XL (NOT Pixel 2) is painfully slow.
I only use the official charger.

This has been going on since I bought the phone roughly 2 weeks ago.
Going back to the store to get it exchanged today.

I thought this would quickly be fixed with a software update, but so far nothing which is pretty disappointing for such a premium phone.
Sanjay Manikandhan
Sanjay Manikandhan
Im having the exact same issue man .. 6 hours to charge using the cable came out of the box. 
Getting soo annoyed atm 
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel
I've got the same issue. Sometimes it takes forever to charge. Plugged in this morning for 20 minutes, came back to see battery increase from 50% to 55%, says "Charging rapidly, 3 hrs remaining".

In case it's not clear, neither 20 minutes for 5% nor 3 hours for 45% is an acceptable charging time for a $1000 smartphone. Come on Google, fix such major bugs before launching a phone!
Nicholas S..
Nicholas S..
Same issue.  Rapid charging is not so rapid.
Original Poster
Mark Monteleone
Still not resolved Rachael.  Have not heard back from anyone either...
Kai-Uwe Markeli
Kai-Uwe Markeli
Can a professional please escalate this thing to bring it to Google's awereness? Thanks.
Antonio Cuellar
Antonio Cuellar
Hey, I have the same issue with battery charge, the first two charges were normal (2h to 15-100%), but now in the third charge the phone says (5 days - 5hrs), What is that Google???? You should fix this big problem as soon as possible!!!!
Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the latest April security patch has done anything to change this behavior
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