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Troy Wong

Google Pixel 2 XL just started to have issues with receiving mms messages. Not all messages are being received.

The phone's carrier is AT&T.  The phone was activated in October 2017 and was receiving all mms messages until only recently.
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Please open the text Messages app. The three dots in the top right corner is your more options menu, press it > settings > advanced > auto-download MMS should be switched ON

Also try:

Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All > Messages > Storage > Clear Data > Clear Cache

If that doesn't work, it may be an issue with having unnecessary APNs. You should try to delete any APNs aside from the accurate ATT ANP 

Does any of this help?
I am having the same exact issue. AT&T Pixel 2 XL only recently i am missing a large portion if not all of my mms messages.  Even did a full factory reset without backup/restore and still not receiving them. Options posted by BG did not help.
Troy and kklik,
In my research I have discovered that this is a carrier issue. VZW also had this issue in the first week of February and they were able to resolve the issue within 2 days time.
Hopefully, with ATT now having this issue, they will be able to resolve it soon.
I hope you have found this response informative and useful.

How do I go about deleting any inaccurate APNs? I don't even know what an APN is...

Ashley Thoren
Ashley Thoren
Having the same issue and starting to miss critical work conversation. Missed messages are from both android and apple phones, are random, and are not always from the same person in a four person conversation.
Have also witnessed what looks like some messages sent from my partner's iPhone being redirected from the group MMS to my single conversation with him as a downloadable content.
Also ATT, pixel 2XL, and issue started recently. Activated in January. Converted from iPhone.
Have tried deleting second APN but there are no options to do so, do see two of them.
Auto download of MMS is on
Phone number definitely disconnected from iMessage
Have reset network settings but not factory reset.
Have deleted the MMS tree and issue is still there.
Have checked that I am not marked as iPhone on my partner's iPhone (am not).
Please Google, don't make me regret my decision to switch!!
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Robert Bentley
Robert Bentley
Pixel 2 xl problem when texting emails or pictures google down loads the file to google drive which converts pictures into a jumbled word message and if it is text to an iPhone the iPhone user has to click on the message covert it back to a picture in google drive so they can read the message. If they do not use Googles web browser they cannot covert the message, so they can not read or see it. I have had my Google Pixel 2 XL for 9 Months and the only solution I know is to go back to using an I phone. I have had complaints from all iPhone users I Know for 9 Months. I spoke to Telstra and they advised that I can provide my own Mobile and keep the same contact without breaking my contract. Just pop the sim card from the Google Phone into my iPhone. So I am purchasing an unlocked iPhone to replace the Google Pixel 2 xl. At the end of my current contract in 3 months I will own the Google phone ought wright. I HOPE Google READS THIS AS THEY HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM>
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