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Pixel 2 xl charging turns off device

So for the past few days my pixel 2 xl, which I bought around release time, has been turning off whenever I plug in the charger. I have tried 3 chargers already and they all behave the same way. One is a usb-a to usb-c, one is the original charger that came with the device, and the other is a charger I also bought from google. If I try to turn the phone back on while charger it starts to load up then turns off again.
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Hi Zcpemp,

There have be some reports of this so the team are aware. I suggest you reach out to a Support Specialist for advice - via Settings > Support or by requesting a callback on a different phone via this link.

- Mike
Google user
Google user
I am experiencing this also, the phone is 6 weeks old and Google say it's the charger and will only replace that. I have tried several chargers including a brand new stock charger and the issue continues.. very disappointed
I get this too, plus my phone smells like burning. And is hot.
Hi F1LT3R,

I suspect your phone is shutting off because it is designed to do that if heat exceeds certain level. Please reach out to a Support Specialist and have them share your screen to investigate - via Settings > Support or by requesting a callback on a different phone via this link.

- Mike
Frustrating Pixel 2 XL
Frustrating Pixel 2 XL
I am also experiencing this issue with my Pixel 2 XL.  I too purchased the device shortly after the product was launched. 

The experience is universal regardless of the charging source.  I've attempted charging with 8 different USB chargers, 2 USB-C chargers, 2 Apple laptops (USB and USB-C) and 2 USB battery packs.

My phone is not warm whatsoever. 

In an attempt to identify if there is a problem with the physical USB-C port on the phone, I used the following process:
1. I lay the phone on a table with the charging cable plugged in.
2. I secure the cable to make sure the port doesn't experience any movement.
3. I then carefully attach the USB cable to power to the power source. 

Regardless of the power source, the phone shuts off immediately upon plugging in and displays the large battery image to indicate charging. 
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Matthew Lugton
Matthew Lugton
Hey all,

Given the various methods of fixes in this thread, I am coming to the conclusion with 90% certainty that this is a software bug that throws the phone into disaster mode when a third-party charging cable is used. This never used to happen to me until the last couple of Android updates in early 2019. Unfortunately, after this occurs, not even the original charger and power supply work and the phone simply ignores it.

The Safe Mode boot worked the first couple of times for me, allowing charging in Safe Mode and with the original charger after a reboot out of Safe Mode. This has now stopped working...

Now I have to turn the phone off, hold volume down + power to enter bootloader, enter recovery mode, select reboot, and then charging works again. For some reason, this reboot option seems to be different from a restart or shutdown/turn on method.

•  Expensive Belkin USB-C charging cable turns the phone off
•  Cheap 2m USB-C charging cable with 12W power supply turns the phone off
•  Power bank with above cheap USB-C cable DOES NOT turn the phone off
•  Both USB-C cables above from my car's 12V USB output to the phone DOES NOT turn the phone off and connects Android Auto

I conclude that it seems to be a power supply discrepancy that the phone does not like and that I now need to live out of my car. Hooray!

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