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Pixel and Charging Problem

I have a weird problem.  I just got a new pixel and i use the included wall charger at home.  At work, I have a Samsung QC 2.0 charger that i use with the USB A to C cable that came with the pixel.

So here's the problem.  Every night i come home after work and my Pixel will not draw a charge from the charger that came with it.  I have to reboot the phone and then it's fine.

After a few experiments with other chargers, it seems when i plug my Pixel into an older (or possibly just any other charger) first, it will then refuse to use the included one.  I have no idea what would be causing this.  

any ideas?

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LennyLane- Welcome to the Pixel User Community! That is a very strange situation with the OEM unused charger not functioning right. I forwarded it on to one of our electrical experts on the team for review. No promises but we always try to help!
I also have this issue. Sometimes I have to unplug it several times before it stays charging. Note this issue is only with the cable without the little adapter to plug it into the wall (USB) converter.
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Nathan K.
Hey Lenny, I'm one of the electrical nerds Will was talking about. I'm running some tests right now.

I'm just posting so this shows up in my queue of threads to respond to, I'll reply back as soon as I've run through the data logs and see if I can't replicate what you're reporting. Hang in there!
Google user
Google user
I posted about this same issue a few minutes ago. Also submitted feedback with my logs explaning the issue I was having
I am having the same issue. I can always charge with my old cables, at home and in the car, using a USB-C adapter. When using the charger that came with the Pixel, sometimes it charges, sometimes not. I found that if I restart the phone it will then charge again for a while. 
Peter HMan
Peter HMan
Ok, so I had the same issue, and I "think" I have resolved it for now.

Since the last update, if you scroll the notification screen down do you have notification from "Android System" that says; "USB supplying power to attached device"?

If you answered yes, keep reading!

If you do, then this is most likely the reason for your phone not charging!  Even if you get RMA's the issue will return if you plug your pixel into a computer's USB port - as this seems to bring out this "bug".  So please keep in mind if you get a new pixel.

So - The work around - 

1. Plug your Pixel into ANY charger, wall outlet OR USB.  
2. Once plugged in, wait 3-5 seconds.  
3. Scroll down the notifications panel (top down). 
4. Click on "Tap for More Options" on the above mentioned "Android System" notification.
5 Select "Charge this device".


FYI - If you leave it on "Supply power" and attempt to charge it on your cars charger, keep an eye on your phone as it could get really hot.  Mine got so hot in melted my plastic cover!  

Your Pixel should now start charging.  Depending on which method you're using to charge the phone will dictate if it charges rapidly or not.  So far this "work around" has fixed the issue for myself, my wife and best friend, for now anyway.  Hopefully google puts out an update that fixes this!
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