Pixel phone hardware diagram

To learn about the features of your Pixel 2 phone, see the diagram below.

Pixel 2 diagram

  1. Front-facing camera

  2. Top speaker & microphone

  3. Power button

  4. Volume buttons

  5. Bottom speaker & microphone

  6. USB-C port

  7. LED flash & rear-facing camera

  8. NFC

  9. SIM card tray

  10. Fingerprint sensor

Not labeled on diagram: autofocus sensors & third microphone

  • The camera's Laser Detect Autofocus (LDAF) sensors are near the LED flash.
  • The hole on the phone's top edge holds a microphone.


Features of Pixel (2016) phones

Pixel phone diagram

  1. Front-facing camera

  2. Headset jack

  3. Earpiece

  4. Ambient light sensor ("proximity sensor")

  5. Power button

  6. Volume buttons

  7. Microphone

  8. USB Type-C port

  9. Single speaker

  10. LED flash

  11. Rear-facing camera

  12. NFC

  13. SIM card tray

  14. Fingerprint sensor

Not labeled on diagram: autofocus sensors & second microphone

To the right of the rear-facing camera, your Pixel phone has 2 Laser Detect Autofocus (LDAF) sensors and a microphone.


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