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Transfer data from an Android phone to a Pixel

You can copy data from another Android phone to a Pixel phone, including text messages, photos, music, contacts, calendars, and apps.

It's easiest to copy data when you set up your Pixel phone, but you can do it at any time.

Copy during setup

Get ready to copy

Get both phones ready
  1. Charge both phones. Learn how to charge your Pixel phone.
  2. On your current phone, check for updates. Learn how to get Android version updates and app updates.
    Important: To copy during setup, your current phone must be running Android 5.0 and up, and must have the latest Google Play Services.
  3. If you'll use a mobile network, insert your SIM card into your Pixel phone. Learn how to insert a SIM card.
  4. Turn on your Pixel phone for the first time. Learn how to turn on your Pixel phone.
  5. You'll see a Let's go button.
    Tip: If your Pixel phone has been on before and you don't see "Let's go," learn how to restart setup.
What gets copied

You can copy these during setup:

  • Apps and app data
  • Music, photos, and videos
  • Google Accounts
  • Phone settings
  • Contacts stored on your device or a SIM card

If you use a cable, you can also copy text messages that don't have photos or videos.

Important: Contacts and calendars that you copy to your Pixel phone will sync and upload to your Google Account online.

These will sync when you sign in to your Google Account on your Pixel phone:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar events
  • Any other information associated with your Google Account
What doesn't copy automatically

These won't transfer from your current Android phone during setup:

  • Downloads, like PDF files
  • Photos, videos, and music stored in hidden folders
  • Text messages that include photos, videos, or music
  • Apps that aren’t from the Google Play Store
  • Data from apps that don't use Android backup
  • Certain device settings
  • Accounts other than Google Accounts and their data
  • Contacts and calendars synced to services other than Google
  • Ringtones

You may be able to transfer some of this data after setup. Learn how.

Copy your data

Copy with a cable (Recommended)

You can copy from your current Android phone with the Quick Switch Adapter and a data cable that works with your current phone. This process copies more data and is faster than other ways of copying.

  1. On your Pixel phone, tap Let's go and then Copy your data.
  2. Connect to the Internet. Learn how to connect to a Wi-Fi network or mobile network.
  3. Turn on and unlock your current phone.
  4. Plug one end of a data cable into your current phone, and the other end into the Quick Switch Adapter. Plug the Quick Switch Adapter into your Pixel phone.
  5. On your current phone, tap Copy. Follow the on-screen steps. (If nothing happens, see how to troubleshoot.)
  6. On your Pixel phone, you'll see a list of your data.
    • To transfer all your data, tap Copy.
    • To not transfer some items, switch them off and then tap Copy.
  7. While your data is copying, keep both phones turned on and connected.
    • To continue setting up while your data copies, tap Next. (This won't affect your transfer.)
    • When the transfer is done, you'll see a message.
Copy by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

You can copy from your current Android phone by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This process copies less data and is slower than using a cable.

  1. On your Pixel phone, tap Let's go and then Copy your data.
  2. Connect both of your phones to a Wi-Fi network. Learn how to connect to Wi-Fi.
  3. On your current phone, turn on Bluetooth. Learn how to turn on Bluetooth.
  4. When you choose not to use a cable, you'll be asked: "Copy data another way?" Tap OK.
  5. Tap A backup from an Android phone.
  6. On your current Android phone, open the Google app Google Search.
  7. Say "Ok Google, set up my device" or enter "Set up my device."
  8. When your new Pixel phone's name shows, tap it.
  9. Both phones will get a "Verify code" message. Confirm the code and follow the on-screen steps.
Restore from an online backup

If you've backed up your current Android phone to your Google Account, you can copy from your Google Account. This process copies less data and is slower than using a cable.

  1. Check that you have a backup of your current Android phone. Learn how to manage your backups in Drive.
  2. On your Pixel phone, tap Let's go and then Copy your data.
  3. Connect to the Internet. Learn how to connect to a Wi-Fi network or mobile network.
  4. When you choose not to use a cable, you'll be asked: "Copy data another way?" Tap OK.
  5. Tap A backup from the cloud.
  6. Sign in to the Google Account that has the backup of your data.
  7. Follow the on-screen steps.

Troubleshoot copying your data

If something goes wrong with copying data to your Pixel phone during setup, learn what to check.

Return to setup to copy data

If you set up as new and didn't copy your data, you can start over to copy your data during setup. To start over, reset your Pixel phone to factory settings.

Important: Performing a factory reset erases all data from your device.

Learn how to reset to factory settings.

Copy after setup

Copy contacts

If you already use contacts in your Google Account, like in Gmail, they'll automatically sync to your Pixel phone.

If your contacts are on a SIM card, learn how to import contacts from a SIM card.

To see your contacts, open your Pixel phone's Contacts app Contacts.

Copy music
  1. Back up your music from your current phone to your computer.
  2. Transfer your music in one of these ways:
    • Use your Chrome browser to drag songs into your Google Play library. Learn how.
    • Use the Music Manager app to upload music to your Google Play account. Learn more.
    • Use a USB cable to transfer music files. Learn how.

Music you buy from Google Play will automatically sync to your Pixel phone.

Copy photos, videos, files & folders

Copy from your Google Account

You can upload content from your current phone or computer to your Google Account. Content in your Google Account syncs with your Pixel phone. Learn how to:

Copy by USB cable

You can transfer content from your computer to your Pixel phone with a USB cable.

Learn how to transfer files between your computer and phone.

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