Help prevent a cracked screen

To help your phone last longer, you can follow these tips to help avoid screen damage. Over time, even tiny fractures can grow and cause cracks.

To help prevent your screen from cracking


  • Do use a protective case.
  • Do add a screen protector.
  • Do set your phone on a flat surface when not in use so that it won't fall.
  • Do be cautious when letting young children use your phone.


  • Don't put your phone near your keys or other hard objects that may scratch, crack, or crush the screen.
  • Don't put your phone in your back pocket where you might accidentally sit on it and crack the screen.
  • Don't leave your phone on vibrate near the edge of a surface, because it might fall when it vibrates.
  • Don't expose your phone to extreme temperatures, like leaving your phone in your car on a very hot or cold day.

If your screen has already cracked

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