Extended Repair Program for Pixel 8

Google has determined that a limited number of Pixel 8 devices may experience display related vertical line and flickering issues. Google is offering an Extended Repair Program to provide support coverage for affected Pixel 8 devices for 3 years after the date of original retail purchase.

Your Pixel 8 device may be eligible for this Extended Repair Program, if it:

  • Exhibits a vertical line running from the bottom of the display to the top or a display flicker and:
  • Has a device identifier like IMEI or serial number determined by Google or an authorized repair partner, as qualifying for this program

If your phone is ineligible for the Extended Repair Program but you are experiencing similar display or other issues, your phone may still be covered under Google’s Limited Warranty. For any other issues with your phone, you can browse the Pixel Phone Help Center, visit the Pixel community, or ask your question to our X (formerly Twitter) account @MadeByGoogle.

About the repair program

If your Pixel 8 phone is experiencing the issue(s) above, contact Google or find an authorized repair partner for your Pixel phone, or contact support at your point of purchase. Upon receipt, they'll inspect your phone before starting the repair to verify that it’s eligible for this program. The repair program provides one free display replacement for eligible Pixel 8 devices.

Important: If your Pixel 8 display or coverglass has been cracked or the device exhibits other forms of damage, like liquid intrusion, it may not qualify for this program. If your phone isn't eligible for repair through the Extended Repair Program or if it has out of warranty damage, then there may be a fee to repair your phone.

Tip: Before you bring in your phone or send it for repair, back up your data to your Google Account by opening your phone's Settings app, then tap System, then Backup and then Backup Now. Next, put your phone into Repair mode, also found in the System menu.

Any repair under this Extended Repair Program is warranted for 90 days. The program doesn't extend the standard warranty coverage of your Pixel 8.

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