Transfer WhatsApp data to a new Android

You can transfer WhatsApp chats and data from your old iPhone or Android to your new Android device.

Transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android


  • Your device transfer must happen through device set up. 
  • If the device has been set up already, you must factory reset the device and go through setup again. Learn how to reset your Android.
  • If you skipped data transfer during the initial setup, you have 3–7 days after device setup to restore your chats from your iPhone. 
  • If you’ve already received messages on the new device, the old content replaces those new messages.

What you need

To transfer your WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android, you must have:

  • USB-C to Lightning cable or a proper cable that can connect your iPhone and Android device. 
    • This is usually your old iPhone charging cable. If the cable doesn't fit, you may need an adapter.
  • The same phone number on the new device as the old device.
  • Your new Android device is set as factory new or reset to factory settings.
  • A stable Internet connection.

Transfer WhatsApp data and history from your iPhone

Important: Keep your iPhone unlocked during the transfer process.

  1. Turn on your new Android phone. 
    • If the phone has already been set up, you must factory reset it.
  2. Follow the steps to copy apps and data from an iPhone to a new Android device
    • Make sure that you connect to Wi-Fi and sign into a Google Account. 
  3. Once your screen reads 'Copy apps and data', select Copy from iPhone or iPad.
  4. When prompted, connect both phones with your old iPhone cable.
    • If you receive a warning on your iPhone, tap Trust.
  5. On the copy screen, tap Apps along with any other data that you want to transfer.
    • To check if WhatsApp is included in the list of apps that will transfer, tap Apps
  6. When prompted, confirm that you want to transfer your WhatsApp chats.
  7. Use your iPhone's camera app to scan the QR code shown on your Android device.
    • If you can't scan the QR code:
      1. On your iPhone, open WhatsApp.
      2. Go to Settings.
      3. Tap Chats and then Move chats to Android.
  8. To begin data transfer, on your iPhone, tap Start and then Start transfer
  9. Once the data transfer is complete, sign in to WhatsApp on your Android phone.


  • WhatsApp transfer may not be available for devices with enterprise certificates.
    1. To manually remove an installed certificate, go to Settings.
    2. Tap General and then Device management.
    3. Select a profile.
    4. Tap More details.
    5. To remove the certificate, tap the certificate.

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