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Walk-In Centre service note general terms & conditions

  1. Service note obligations:
    1. The customer (“Customer/You/Your”) must sign the service note as an acknowledgement after validation of all the relevant information related to the service; i.e., contact details, device details and conditions, reported problems, etc.
    2. The Customer must receive a copy of the service note after submitting the device at the service centre and must hand it back to the service centre at the time of device collection.
    3. The service centre reserves the right to deny device delivery if You fail to produce this service note at the time of pickup.
  1. In Warranty service obligations:
    1. Your device must be “In Warranty,” i.e., within one year from the original date of retail purchase by You and should not have Out of Warranty Damages. You must provide your name, contact information, and the serial number of your device to receive support. Before receiving In Warranty service, we require that you provide proof of purchase details.
    2. If the device has any signs of damage caused by (1) accidents; (2) misuse (including failure to follow product documentation); (3) neglect; (4) disassembly; (5) alterations; (6) servicing other than by Google-authorized technicians; and (7) external causes such as, but not limited to liquid damage, exposure to sharp objects, exposure to excessive force, anomalies in the electrical current supplied to the product, and extreme thermal or environmental conditions; or if any of these are found upon inspection at the repair centre (“Out of Warranty Damages”), then the In Warranty repair of the device is not applicable. Such devices will be Out of Warranty (“OOW”) and repairs to such devices will be chargeable. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the device in the course of use.
  1. Out of Warranty service obligations:
    1. Any device not falling In Warranty will be an Out of Warranty device (“OOW”). For any kind of OOW services, You will have to pay a non-refundable inspection charge (“IC”) before diagnosis of the device begins.
    2. If a Customer fails to make the payment of repair charge or IC on time or wishes to recall the device after the device has undergone advanced-level screening or diagnosis, then the condition of the returned device may be different from the one in which it was submitted. The timeline to pay repair charges will be 3 working days from the date of intimation of the charge, and in case of non-payment within that timeline, the device may be returned without repair.
  1. Others:
    1. Data backup: Customers are required to back up their devices and subsequently perform a full factory reset before handing over the device. All data from the device is completely wiped out at our service centres before a repair is performed on them.
    2. Self-inspection: The Customer must inspect the device at the time of collection. Any claim regarding cosmetic damages such as chips, scratches, small dents, or scrapes and scuffs should be notified to the service centre at the time of collection.
    3. The defective parts replaced while undertaking the repairs will not be returned to the Customer.
    4. Please contact the number mentioned on this service note to enquire about the status of the repair. The same information may also be found in emails sent to You on the registered email address provided by You at the time of submitting Your device.
    5. You are requested to collect the device within 7 days from the date of receiving intimation that Your device is “ready for collection,” failing which Your device will be sent back to the central repair centre for safe custody. This may delay delivery to You in future. The central repair centre will retain your device for a maximum of 90 days , after which the device will be deemed abandoned and destroyed without additional notice.
    6. Devices cannot be partially repaired. All issues diagnosed with your device must be repaired.
    7. For more information about In Warranty repair services, go to Google product documentation.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that, by reading and signing the service note, the Customer is deemed to have accepted and agreed to these general T&C.

Authorized signatory Customer signature
Date: ________________ ___________________

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