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Android System Intelligence

Android System Intelligence is a system component within Private Compute Core that powers intelligent features across Android while keeping your data private.

Learn about Android System Intelligence

Android System Intelligence offers features like:

  • Live Caption: Automatic captions for media.
  • Screen Attention: Your screen won’t turn off while you look at it.
  • Smart Autorotate: Detects the orientation you hold your phone in.
  • Improved copy and paste: Makes it easier to move text from one app to another.
  • App predictions in the launcher: Suggests the app you may need next.
  • Notification management: Adds action buttons to notifications. For example, the action buttons could add directions to a place, help you track a package, or add a contact.
  • Smart Text Selection across the system: Makes it easier to select and act on text. For example, on an address, you can long-press to select it or tap to check directions.
  • Linkify text: Turns text in apps to links.
  • Live Translate: Translates live text conversations and video.
  • App Search: Find a specific app.
  • Assistant Voice Typing: Dictate text through your voice with Assistant voice typing on Gboard.
  • Now Playing: Recognition of music around you.
  • Boarding pass with a screenshot: You can add a boarding pass to Google Pay with a screenshot.

Tip: Certain features may only be available on some devices.

Android System Intelligence uses system permissions to provide smart predictions. For example, if it has permission to check your contacts, it can show you suggestions to call a frequent contact. 

Private Compute Services

Services like Android System Intelligence are machine learning features that don’t have direct network access. To help Android System Intelligence receive updates to improve, Private Compute Services provides a secure bridge to the cloud.

Data disclosures

To function, Android System Intelligence and Private Compute Services collects crash logs, diagnostics, and device identifiers. This data is collected for the purpose of application analytics. For example, some data is used to monitor the performance and quality of the app.

Control your data

Analytics data collection is optional. To setup data collection: 

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2.  Tap Privacy and then Usage & Diagnostics.

To clear device data:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app. 
  2. Tap Privacy and then Android System Intelligence and then Clear Data.

Security practices

Android System Intelligence, through Private Compute Services, helps preserve your privacy with techniques like federated learning and analytics to analyze and improve the performance of features. 

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