If you need Camera support on a non-Pixel Phone, visit the Camera from Google Help Center

Use your Pixel phone as a webcam

You can use your Pixel phone as a webcam with a USB cable that supports data. Your phone can be used just like a regular webcam while it's in webcam mode. The webcam works on any device that has USB Video Class (UVC) support implemented, such as laptops, TVs, cars, and other phones and tablets.

Turn your phone into a webcam

  1. With a data-supported USB cable, connect your phone to your device.
  2. On your phone, tap the Charging this device through USB notification. 
  3. Under “Use USB for,” select Webcam.

Tip: To adjust and preview your webcam, at the top of your screen, tap the Webcam notification.

Learn about the usage of your Pixel phone as a webcam

  • You can use your phone normally while in webcam mode. You can navigate to other apps or turn off the screen.
  • When you receive a video call or use an app that requires a camera, webcam stream pauses. The webcam feed shows a camera access blocked logo and it automatically resumes after you’re done.
  • Your phone charges normally over USB while in webcam mode.
  • Currently, you can’t use your phone as a webcam for other Pixel devices. UVC cameras aren’t supported by Pixel devices.

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