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What bluetooth codecs are supported on the Pixelbook Go? I have Pixel Buds which support AAC bluetooth for HQ music, I'm wondering if anyone knows what bluet…
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When I play purchased movies from Google on my pixelbook the screen image gets greyed out slightly and is clear when my cursor is back on the screen I have not tried anything yet.
Pixelbook Go: The go-there, do-that Chromebook The new Pixelbook Go is great for on-the-go students, jetsetters, work from home cafe lovers, and ev…
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Screen goes black but notification bar and shelf show The pixelbook screen goes black while in use, at random times (can be 10 seconds or 10 minutes or mo… Dualshock 4 connected on bluetooth, only touchpad on controller works. I'm trying to get my dualshock 4 controller working with my pixelbook but only the touchpad on the c… New issues when using Salesforce.com In the last week or so I am having issues accessing some pages in Salesforce.com, where in the past …
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Chomebook DNS Failure issues My chromebook continues to have this error connecting to the internet: To be clear this issue: only … Google pixelbook using all my wifi . I turned off and disconnected all devices and reconnected one a Google pixelbook using all my wifi . I turned off and disconnected all devices and reconnected one a…
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cannot see cursor on my new pixelbook Cursor does not showup on the screen for Pixelbook Bluetooth keeps disconnecting/disabling itself & I have to restart to reconnect my mouse It's been doing it since I've had it almost a year - the mouse will suddenly stop working and openin…
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Pixelbook GO: The 4 k display vs the 1080 display. What are the reported nits for both? I want to buy this for my wife. She needs to use it in bright locations. I am hoping that the GO's 4…
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Keyboard flashes, charger light flashes red and pixelbook won't turn on nor charge; tried factory r Tying to get it to turn on. I already tried a factory reset as well as replaced the charger to no re…
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