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Resources between Pixelbook Go and Win10 machine... Hello. I have a Pixelbook Go with i5 processor and 8GB RAM. I also have a Win10 laptop with i5 and 8…
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Pixelbook screen blacked out with only an unresponsive cursor The black screen bug, caught by some of the Pixelbook users, was more frustrating. Every time after …
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Pixelbook has black screen when turned on. Had white background w colored vertical lines B4 froze Pixelbook is plugged in, green light appears on the side. The keyboard lights up when turned on but …
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How do I get my iPhone back from the dark side? All of my videos and pictures show up. Like X-ray s R my pixelbook pen stops writing mid flow I have to switch functions to get it working again My new pixelbook pen stops working midflow eg drawing a picture. I then have to switch functions and…
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how can i disable tote feature? how to delete disable tote feature
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Front camera- purple circle then black screen My front facing camera does has recently stopped working. When I open the camera app a purple circle… I dont have an option in my settings to extend my display In my settings in the display, I only have two options (built-in display and night mode) I have a ne… I have 2 profiles when logging in and can’t find my second one Not sure what happened but I can’t find my second sign in profile. Pls help!!!
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Pixelbook just froze and stopped working (occasionally keyboard flickers every now and then) A month and a half ago my Pixelbook just froze and went black. Normal I just try not to worry and le…
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