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Stop apps from automatically opening? I'm running Chrome OS Version 75.0.3770.42 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) on my Pixelbook. Relativel… Has anyone else's Clash of Clans stopped working on Pixelbook? I woke up this morning, and Clash of Clans (CoC) no longer works which is odd since it worked last n… Supported Android and kernel version? Can somebody please confirm whether Pixelbook is running Android P or not? Also, is it running 32-bi… Clash of clans no longer launches after Halloween Update on pixel book, latest chrome os installed Game no longer will launch after updating the app. Pixelbook Go: many of default apps?/extensions? will not run I have had my Pixelbook Go since October 29th. Nearly everything I routinely use is running well. Bu… Apps don't work when tethered I have a Pixelbook and Pixel 3. When I'm tethered, my apps don't work, but Chrome works fine. Main a…
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How to use Intelligent Hub on Pixelbook? I purchased my Pixelbook primarily for use when I work from home. Recently my company switched from … "No Internet connection" error message when opening Play Store Using mobile data, when opening Play Store, I get a "No Internet connection" message. However, using… Google Keep list items unable to indent or move with fingers or stylus on pixelbook On the pixelbook, when using the keep app, in my notes I can't move my list items up and down or ind… How to enable Gboard on Pixelbook I've heard that Gboard could be used as the input method since build 73. I have a pixelbook with bui… Pixelbook runs adndroid apps very slowly since update to OS 76 Ever since I updated my Pixelbook to Chrome OS 76 , Android apps have been very laggy and show very …
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Hello, When Chrome os star support usb host api on android audio apps , like usb audio player pro ? I use Usb Audio player Pro app on android tablet . This app use usb host api to connect external usb… Why Pixelbook(Intel CPU) can download app with abi armeabi-v7a? Does anyone know why Pixelbook(Intel CPU) can download app with abi armeabi-v7a? How does it support… Are you able to play Prison Architect on Chrome OS? Does it run well? I'm looking to buy a pixelbook for general use but want to know if it is capable of playing Prison A… My Gmail does not download the complete email. Some letters some pictures are shown only. My Gmail does not download the emails completely. You only see some letters and pictures, but not th… Netflix Android App on Pixelbook- Not Compatible (April 2019) Turned off OS Verification to play with developing flutter, but after the data was wiped I could no … What google app do you recommend for podcast listening on Pixelbook: Play Music or Google Podcasts? Google Podcasts is not compatible with Pixelbook, but works great on Pixel phone. Play Music podcast… I can't get the play store in my Chromebook 2 11" - XE500C12, hut it was on the list if Chromebooks I have tried now everything I have bl put it into beta mode, and everything and anything else I foun… is there a fix for the very low resolution in the netflix app other than just watching in chrom only is there a fix for the very low resolution and washed out color in the netflix app? i know i can wat… My Pixelbook has a popup from the Google Drive app that is making me crazy. Apparently at random, sometimes at intervals of a few seconds, and sometimes at intervals of hours, …
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