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pixelbook stopped printing from my hp ENVY 4520 printer - says it is no longer available won't set up or recognize printer
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google pixelbook go screen replacement Hi my pixelbook go screen has cracked. i cant find anywhere on google support site how to get it rep…
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How can I check my new pixelbook serial number? Just buyed a Pixelbook go in UAE, got the serial number, and want to check if it is original or not.… I installed some upgrade and since then I can't print anything Bluetooth doesn't work either. I installed an update to the Operating system and since then I have not been able to print to a prin… Help - HP printer continuously showing as "no longer available" when trying to connect to Pixelbook HP OfficeJet is unable to connect to Pixelbook. Both are successfully connected to WiFi, but continu… How do I create a git repo on a Chromebook Linux mounted usb drive I'm trying to create a git repo on a USB drive The usb device is called "ghs" and has a folder named…
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My PixelbookGo's hinge broke after less than 3 months of use. Why won't Google honor the warranty? I purchased a Pixelbook Go this summer, and received it on June 4th. I was very happy with it up unt…
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Connecting Pixel 5 to Pixelbook Trying to connect my new Pixel 5 to my Pixelbook... when I go to set it up on the Pixelbook, a tiny …
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Why did my touchpad stop working? The cursor was freezing and then disappeared altogether. I restarted the Pixelbook, then did a hard …
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2016 Pixelbook screen quit while not in use! No access to recovery process w external monitor. Help Contacted Support, got case #, sent pics, wasted a lot of time w unhelpful CS rep, emailed model # p…
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Printing jobs from pixelbook end up with last pages on top. How to reverse order? Pixel book print jobs end up with last pages on top not first ones. How to reverse the order? Pixel Go chromebook crashed/black screen frequently, I have to restart it, how to fix this? I have to restart my laptop since pixel go chromebook crashed frequently. My laptop is less than 1 y… My computer appears to have a virus & reset did not work. Suggestions? Help - picked up pixel book earlier this year - it appears to now have a virus - reset did not work … Pixelbook Go camera not working Earlier today, my Pixelbook Go camera stopped working after working without issue for several months…
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