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Linux: Beta and USB devices I have set up 2FA on my Google Account and I am using Titan USB keys. These U2F USB keys work on a P…
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My pixelbook says it has been configured with a malformed hardware ID. Is there an easy way to fix? I have powerwashed, and reset the device from a USB thumb drive. I have checked 'about system' to co… Why is my mouse lagging when pixelbook Go is docked? I just purchased a Pixelbook Go intel i5 256/ 16mb. It works great on its own, but I mostly work wit…
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R Studio Question I've downloaded RStudio onto my Pixelbook through Linux and have had a number of issues with getting…
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On just the second day of use, the screen on my Pixelbook has started to flash/jump around. On just the second day of use, the screen on my Pixelbook has started to flash/jump around every few… Some apps require the Pixelbook to be in "Airplane Mode" to work properly which it does not have. I tried using Chrome browser instead to view the in flight entertainment instead of the United App I…
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Hi, I just got the brand new Pixelbook and I'm having trouble installing LastPass. I I've downloaded LastPass several times and can't get the chrome extension to appear. It isn't hidden… Pixelbook keeps rebooting in laptop mode only Pixelbook keeps rebooting. Recovered chrome OS successfully twice. Followed the below instructions, …
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в пиксельбуке исчезла возможность самостоятельно присваивать имена в гугл фото. исчезла возможность самостоятельно добавлять и редактировать имена в гугл фото.
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