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Hi fellow Pixelbook Go Owners. 

I am just writing here to see if anyone else has had the same problem with their Pixelbook Go. 

Screen will flicker/flash at random intervals, usually once every 5-10 minutes, and it does not matter what I am doing, (checking email, on facebook, etc...) 

No it's not a major issue, but it certainly is annoying, especially since this is a brand new device.

I am starting to think it is only the m3 version because after searching I found a few other people online with the same problem.

I have already contacted Google, and will be sending my Pixelbook Go in for a replacement. 

I will follow up on here with the replacement. Hopefully this was just a defective device, because otherwise it is a beautiful piece of machinery!
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I have the i5 and I'm experiencing the same issue.
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I am experiencing this same issue with the m3 version. I notice it most if I have the "Night Light" mode enabled. Based on your communications with Google, is the only fix to physically replace the Pixelbook Go?
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also having this problem (i5)

Also had a complete freeze/lock up little while ago that didn't seem normal or justified  :/  

want/need to love this computer and I waited SO LONG to get it this is so frustrating
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For anyone who is experiencing this, PLEASE press alt-shift-i and report the issue. Be concise but detailed, and make sure the "Include..." and "Send..." boxes are checked.
The engineers need to be made aware of the problem, and the more people who report it, the higher the problem will go in the queue of things to be worked on, and the more data the engineers will have.
Is the flicker constant over all windows and applications, or is it notiveable on some but not all?
Have you tried a hardware reset?
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6 hr
I have the i5 and have been experiencing this issue as well. I turned off Night Light but the screen flicker still happens. I have been submitting incident reports as recommended. Agree with the other respondents, this is so disappointing for such a new and beautiful (and expensive) device and it happens upsettingly often. Really hoping that the new update comes soon and fixes this issue!
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