About Verified Access on your Pixelbook

Verified Access enables your Pixelbook to certify that some cryptographic keys are protected by Chrome hardware.

To certify the cryptographic keys, Verified Access needs to send hardware information to a dedicated Google service. This information can identify your device, but it can’t identify you. No information about you or any account on your device is sent to this Google service. Also, Verified Access makes sure that certified keys on your device aren't allowed to be used on more than one site (origin), and that these keys can be cleared and regenerated.

Who uses Verified Access

Verified Access may be used by organizations to get cryptographic assurance that they are providing certificates to real devices with hardware-protected keys. Verified Access is also used by enhanced playback to provide device eligibility verification to people who provide content, like movies and music. For more information, see Related articles.

Turn off Verified Access

The device owner or organization administrator can turn off this feature for all users. For more information, see Related articles.

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