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Pixelbook (2017)

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Pixelbook Pen

Optimized for the Google Assistant1, the Pixelbook Pen lets you search what’s on your screen and take notes instantly, even when your screen is locked.2 With pressure sensitivity, tilt support and virtually no lag, Pixelbook Pen feels natural, like a pen on paper.3  Learn how to use the Pixelbook Pen.

Note: The Pixelbook Pen should be used with a Pixelbook (2017) or Pixel Slate device. The Pixelbook Pen is not compatible with the Pixelbook Go.

Pixelbook Pen

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1The Google Assistant requires an internet connection.
2This feature is currently only available with the Google Keep app.
3Certain features (like pressure sensitivity and tilt support) are designed for use with and require select editing applications. Lag was tested on pre-production Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen units, using top-rated Google and third-party programs and apps. Actual results may vary.

Pixelbook Pen replacement tips

Keep your Pixelbook Pen feeling like new with a set of Pixelbook Pen replacement tips. New tips help maintain a natural pen-on-paper feeling when you use your Pixelbook Pen. Includes tweezers for easy replacement. Learn how to replace the tip on your Pixelbook Pen.

Pixelbook Pen replacement tips

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Power adapter for Pixelbook

This 45W USB-C power adapter is designed to charge your Pixelbook fast. It also works with other USB-C devices.

Pixelbook charger

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Sleeve for Pixelbook (2017)

Protect your Pixelbook when you’re on the go with the Pixelbook sleeve. Made to complement Pixelbook’s sleek design, the microfiber sleeve features a custom compartment to keep your Pixelbook Pen handy.

Note: Not available for Pixelbook Go.

Pixelbook sleeve

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