Replace the tip on your Pixelbook Pen

Note: The Pixelbook Pen should be used with a Pixelbook (2017) or Pixel Slate device. The Pixelbook Pen is not compatible with the Pixelbook Go.

Keep your Pixelbook Pen feeling like new with a set of Pixelbook Pen replacement tips. New tips help maintain a natural pen-on-paper feeling when you use your Pixelbook Pen.

How long a tip lasts depends upon how much you use the pen. Replace it when you start to notice a change in how your Pixelbook Pen performs, or if the tip gets damaged or lost.

To replace the tip on your Pixelbook Pen:

  1. Using the tweezers that came with your replacement tips, remove the old tip from your Pixelbook Pen.
  2. Insert a new tip in the pen, pressing firmly to set in place.

That’s it!

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