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Troubleshoot issues with your Pixelbook

Use the guides below to fix common Pixelbook issues.

Are you using Pixelbook with a work or school account? If you're having issues downloading apps from the Google Play Store or using Google Assistant, you might need to ask your organization's admin to turn on several settings for your group in the Admin console. Learn more.

Hardware and operating system problems

  • Pixelbook hardware (like the battery, keyboard, or screen)
  • Your Pixelbook's software (including updates, speed, and performance)

Connection problems 

  • Wireless and wired networks
  • Connecting to Android phone (Instant Tethering, Smart Lock)

Google Cloud Print problems

  • Printer not detected
  • Documents not printing
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Account problems

  • Sign-in errors
  • Permissions or Guest mode issues

Other problems

To tell us about a problem with your Pixelbook:

  1. Open Chrome Chrome.
  2. Click More More.
  3. Go to Help and then Report an issue.

If you're still having problems, contact us or reach out to other Pixelbook users like you.

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