Get to know the features of your Pixel C

Explore the various features of your Pixel C in this brief tour.

Note: The Pixel C Keyboard is sold separately. 


No Feature Description
1 Front-facing camera Join a video call or take a selfie.
2 Touchscreen display Explore the web and use apps.



No Feature Description
1 Noise-canceling microphone Take a video call, record yourself, and use voice commands.
2 Power button Press and hold to turn on or off. If the Pixel C is on, press to put it to sleep.



No Feature Description
1 Lightbar When the screen is off, tap the lightbar twice to see remaining battery life.
2 Rear-facing camera Take high-quality photos with the 8 MP camera and shoot video in 1080p.



No Feature Description
1 Volume button Increase or decrease your volume. To mute, touch and hold the bottom of the button.
2 Speakers Listen to music, videos, and more.
3 USB Type-C port Charge your Pixel C, charge other devices, or transfer files.
Note: A separate USB Type-C cable is needed to charge other devices or transfer files.



No Feature Description
1 Headphone jack 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and earbuds which may include a microphone.



No Feature Description
1 Keyboard Type messages, documents, email, and more.
2 Magnetic attachment Attaches from the keyboard to the bottom of your Pixel C tablet.
3 Hotkey hotkey Type symbols that aren’t on the keyboard. And show the onscreen keyboard.
Need help with your apps, settings, or Home screen? Learn more about Android on your Pixel C in the Pixel Phone Help Center.