Product updates

Here is a list of feature updates to Pinpoint. A few features do not affect documents uploaded before the feature was added. If you want non-backward-compatible features for an older document, you must create a new collection, or delete and reupload the document.


August 22: Filter by date range

August 16: Extract structured data (beta)

June 29: Editor role

May 23: Publish collections on Pinpoint

February 23: UI Localization (Localization support for the Pinpoint UI)

February 15: New Terms of Service (New Terms of Service to support Content Hub)


December 5: File Rename (Allow users to rename a file they uploaded into Pinpoint)

September 21: Docs / Slides supported (Files converted to static PDF format)

September 14: Video transcription support (Audio extracted and transcribed, video not stored)

August 2: Edit transcription

August 1: Audio language support (Users can now transcribe audio files in more languages - Ukrainian, Turkish, Czech and Indonesian)

April 15: OGG audio file support

March 21: Bulk Delete: Users can delete multiple selected files from their collection

March 2: Document Labels: Users can classify documents by labels, and later filter documents by label values


November 16: Highlights: Users can mark text sections within documents, highlights also have a dedicated url pointing to them

November 16: Select and copy text from a document

August 29: Workspace account support: Users in Workspace organizations can now sign-in with their work emails

April 13: Extended Audio Formats: Better encoding support and addition of MP4, M4A, Windows Media Player (WMA), AAC, AIFF and RealAudio

April 4: Delete Document: Allowing users to delete single documents from their collections

March 22: Entities Language Support: Users can select the display language for entities out of list of ±65 languages

March 22: Audio Language Support: Uses can transcribe audio files in 10 additional languages: English UK/AU, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch and Hebrew

January 27: Audio Transcription Download: Users can download a .txt file with the transcript of their uploaded audio files

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