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About Pinpoint

Pinpoint is a research tool to help journalists and academics explore and analyze large collections of documents. Using Pinpoint you can upload and search hundreds of thousands of documents, images, emails, hand-written notes, and audio files for specific words or phrases, locations, organizations, and people.

Collaborate with others by sharing access to your collection, highlighting text, and sharing links to specific documents or text selections.

Work with large numbers of documents

A single Pinpoint collection can contain up to 200,000 documents, including images, audio files, or printed text.Uploading 67,456 files

Search documents of many types

Pinpoint uses OCR and speech-to-text technology to enable you to search for text in text-based files such as Microsoft Office documents, plain text documents, and emails, as well as text within images and transcribed audio in multiple languages.

Many types of content can be uploaded

Scan of hand-written note with text selected

Advanced search capabilities

Search by exact match, near match, and stemming. This means a search for "moon" can match terms like "lunar" and "moons", or even "lune" (French).Search for "auto" matches many variations of the term

Transcribe and search audio

Audio files up to two hours long can be uploaded and transcribed into searchable text files. Pinpoint supports eight languages for audio transcription.

Transcription of uploaded audio file

Privacy and sharing

Your collections are private by default, protected by Google's industry-leading privacy and security technologies. You can selectively share your collections with anyone with a Google account.

Sharing with specific people

Explore public collections

Anyone with a Google account can search any publicly shared collection in Pinpoint.

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