Name tag visibility

If you've signed up for Google+

When you sign up for Google+, the visibility for existing Picasa Web name tags is locked in the current state (either visible to the public or private to the owner). New tags created in Google+ or Picasa Web Albums will be visible to anyone that can see the photo. Learn more

If you haven't signed up for Google+

You can choose the name tag visibility default across your entire account, and you can also control it on an album by album basis. Here's how:

Set your name tag visibility defaults

  1. Click the gear gear icon icon in the top-right corner and choose Photos settings.
  2. Click on the Privacy and Permissions tab.
  3. Choose your default name tag visiblity setting for both public or limited albums.
  4. Click the Save changes button.

Show or hide name tags for specific albums

  1. Open the album.
  2. Click the Actions menu.
  3. Select Album Properties.
  4. Under 'Advanced permissions,' select your name tag visibility.