'Effects' tab features

Click on one of the tools from the Effects tab below to learn more.


Make the edges of objects in your photos crisper and less fuzzy. Use the slider to adjust the level of sharpness. Learn more about sharpening images.


Give your image an 'old-fashioned' effect. Sepia toning began as a printing method in the 1880s, and you can use this tool to digitally reproduce its effect. Your image will be re-cast in a reddish brown tone.

Black and White

Give your image a historic or nostalgic effect. Turn any color photo into a black and white photo. The stark contrasts can enhance your subject matter.


Warm up a cool photo, improving skin tones. For a more manual control, see the Color Temperature slider on the Tuning tab.

Film Grain

Add a 'grainy' film look to any photo. Digital photography doesn't naturally exhibit film grain, but this tool allows you to simulate it. The effect can be subtle, but it looks great when you print.


Strip the color out of your photo and apply a colored tint over the top. Use the Color Preservation slider to add the original color back to your photo underneath the tint.


Use the slider to adjust color saturation. Slide it all the way to the left to make the picture black and white. Slide it all the way to the right to make it appear 'radio-active.'

Soft Focus

Soften the focus around a center point that you select. Use the sliders to control the size of the focused area and also the amount of softness applied.


Brightens the white areas of a photo, causing a dreamy effect. Use the sliders to control the intensity of the glow and also it's shining radius.

Filtered Black and White

Add the effect of shooting black and white film with a color filter. The filter blocks or enhances certain colors in the photo depending on the color filter you choose.

Focal Black and White

Turn a photo to black and white, while keeping one circular area of color intact. You can define the size and sharpness of the colored spot.

Graduated Tint

Similar to a graduated color filter on a camera, this allows you to apply a colored tint to the top half of a photo. You can adjust the shade of the tint and the degree at which it feathers into the rest of the photo. This is useful for enhancing a sunset or making gray skies blue.


These two buttons, only active when there are unsaved edits on the photo, undo and redo your edits in the order they were applied.

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